Malachite-Stone: properties of the stone and its features

in mysticism is very valuable mineral that is known as "malachite-stone."The properties of the stone is very diverse.First of all, I appreciate it for the amazing beauty.Pliny compared him with an emerald, but stressed that this color patterned mineral denser and richer than the color of emerald.The value of malachite stone for the Hindus is huge.It is considered a symbol of world harmony and supreme love.It was he, according to Indian astrology, forms the purity of thought and mental ease, eliminates the sinful thoughts and disturbing dreams, prevent bad intentions.The ancient Greeks also valued-malachite stone.The properties of the stone used priests and pharaohs.To multiply their wisdom, they wore it around his neck, and when used as a burial litter to save a person's soul intact.Malachite-stone property (pictured) is not limited to the religious beliefs of the ancient ladies used as a liner.They rubbed it into a powder, mixed with special oils and applied to the eyelids to emphasize the expressiveness of his eyes.

Healing stone malachite-

Properties stone has long been known in folk medicine.Healers believe his health and the mineral is used for healing gout, rheumatism.Traditional healers claim that using malachite can get rid of diseases of the heart and lung, liver and pancreas.It has beneficial effects on the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, helps to develop intuition, clairvoyance, healing powers.Oriental healers used malachite for the "dissolution" of power plugs, aura cleansing, normalization of energy metabolism.Many of them argue that it is sufficient several times a day to put a piece of the mineral to the "lock" on the body.For the treatment of mental illness can also be used malachite-stone.The properties of stone is largely dependent on his drawing and color.The lighter the color, the higher the energy miracle means.Take into account the treatment and drawing.For example, pieces of concentric patterns applied to the heart chakra, relieve emotional stress and relieve mental illness.Today, even traditional medicine has recognized a positive impact on the health of the stone.Doctors recommend that people with thyroid problems wearing malachite necklace and cores - pendants or pyramid from the mineral, placing them in the heart.American researchers have found that a miracle stone protects against radiation and helps get rid of the effects of radiation.

flaps, omens, and other rites

There is a belief that if you give lover malachite decoration, it can never forget the donor.Powdered and added (in trace amounts) in nagovorennuyu water, it also helps to bind all heart elect.However, it is worth remembering: Malachite draws all people to one who wears it.Among them may be not only good people, but the scammers.In addition, malachite helps only those who have good intentions, but in the hands of criminals, he blackens and collapses.Set in gold, it brings only misfortune owner.