Is there really a mermaid, or they - just fiction?

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Everyone remembers the beautiful and colorful cartoon "The Little Mermaid."Many children after seeing his parents asked the question: "Is it true that there are mermaids?"But there are things that even adults can not be sure.This is such a case.

there really a mermaid?

Many legends say that they still exist, or certainly lived before.But skeptics firmly believe that mermaids - it's just someone's fantastic imagination.Still, evidence of the existence of mermaids on the ground there.

scientists who have devoted their time and effort to resolve the issue of "whether there is actually a mermaid," for many years trying to get the Japanese monks permission to survey preserved mummies in the monastery walls.It is still unknown, Whose remains are stored in the mountain monasteries of Japan.Versions of course, abound.Even the most daring and unexpected.Some say that there are buried representatives of ancient civilizations.Others, it is unknown species that existed previously.There's even a version that in the monastery cellars hidden fragments of genetic experiments, which were carried out by aliens.The scientists believe that the study of the remains shed light on the question whether there is really a mermaid.

In some Shinto temples kept the mummy, which has long been called the "Sea Princess".For example, Temple Karakuyado.It found the mummy of an unknown human being female.Its size is 50 cm. There are mummies limbs resembling human, scales in the lower body and fins on the back.

also boasts an unusual finding and Miushi temple.There was found a mummy-like length of 30 cm. But look at this finding can not everyone.This will require a special permit.

biggest and oldest in Japan mermaid mummy was discovered in the city of Fujinomiya.Its length is 170 cm and age - about 1,400 years.Skeleton mummy resembles a fish skeleton.Only there like a human head without hair and two limbs.Also available is the tail that reaches a length of 20 cm.

Some of these mummies was able to see Dr. Ito Misu, who worried about whether there is really a mermaid, or is it all fiction mountain monks.In the 80 years the doctor visited the mountain monasteries, which contained the mummy of these creatures.Misu Ito thoroughly studied the data remains with the professional side.And he made the unequivocal conclusion that the biological existence of creatures found can be considered valid.

Today, many believe not only that mermaids exist, but also that you can turn yourself into a magical creature.Believe it or not - you choose.But the following is how to become a real mermaid.

modern method of how to become a mermaid

In celebration of the Holy Trinity brimming bath salt soda.Suitable common salt, can do without the special oils and sea salt.The edges of the bath arrange pre-sanctified church candles.This will save you from the intervention of evil spirits during the conversion.Required zaveste bathroom mirror.Immerse yourself in water with a head as far as you can.During the dive, imagine that swims like a mermaid, in any body of water.It is important to get used to the maximum image: instead of legs feel cool mermaid tail, even in the warm water in the bathroom.Feel like sailing, like not move their feet, and tail.Survive under water as long as possible.The maximum extent enough air.

Though this transformation and it seems pretty simple, but it is not.It will require enormous amounts of energy.And do not expect that you will come up out of the water with a mermaid tail.This procedure requires adaptation.Adaptation to the aquatic environment.With every dip in the pond, you will feel more confident.And when you realize that breathe underwater, you no longer need to take a look at your feet!