Now we know how to hang a horseshoe over the door

Since ancient times, the main talisman for good luck and good luck horseshoe considered.This belief originated in ancient Egypt.Although the explanation for this is quite prosaic.The Pharaoh's chariot horses harnessed with golden horseshoe to the hoof.Naturally, the horses are sometimes lost heels.They found the common people and, of course, and became richer, and happier.

In folklore, there is an interesting legend.Once in front of the blacksmith brought the devil in the form of a horse and began to tempt to evil deeds.But the blacksmith not only tempted, but was able to shoe a demon himself.And that Satan will never forget their defeat, horseshoe nailed at the entrance to the smithy.And so was born the tradition of a shoe store in homes.Only here is the question of how to properly hang a horseshoe over the door up or down horns.

well-being in the house

And yet, as the need to secure the shoe, so that it brings good luck, good fortune, was a real talisman?There are several options.Supporters of unconventional views and Americans are confident that this symbol must hang ends up to luck splashes, because in this position it resembles a bowl.And your house was full cup, but happiness has not left home, you can not turn the horseshoe, the horns have to look up.And yet there is a perception that in this way it absorbs the energy of the cosmos.If the horseshoe turn the energy will go into the ground.

There is another option of how to hang a horseshoe over the door.The ancient amulet to hang horns down to protect the house from bad energy.If an evil person wants to visit your home, then the ends of the horseshoe will hook all bad, not allowing to get inside.

To the question arises, how and where to hang a horseshoe, it is useful to listen to the recommendations of the esoteric.For the well-being in the house amulet is best to hang up inside the housing horns.Hanging character in the yard or at the door, you firmly close the entrance of evil spirits.

important rule: Horseshoe have to be metal, made of a different material will serve only a decorative function.Cling amulet only one stud, carefully making sure that that was not there any more nails.The owners need to perform together this important ritual magic.

to decide on how to properly hang a horseshoe over the door, try to explore all ways and just watch for a while.Then you can choose the option that, in your opinion, will draw into the house of happiness and prosperity.

After reading the article, many probably decided how to hang a horseshoe over the door.It remains the case for small: to find the amulet.Indeed, in our time on the roads we drive cars, buses, other vehicles and horse - a great rarity.Where to find a mascot?Purchase will not operate.But if you are very lucky and found a horseshoe for good luck as to hang it, you know.


And finally, a few will take about horseshoes:

  • want to save the house - will mascot above the door;
  • wish to find a family - hang a horseshoe over the fire;
  • over the matrimonial bed estates - born child;
  • foothold on the windowsill - privlechÑ‘sh money into the house.