How to be a sniper?

wonder anyone knows how to be a sniper?Let us first we shall understand who the sniper.It is the soldier, trained in a special program, perfectly mastered the art of camouflage, marksmanship and observation.It can kill with the first shot goal.

The objective is to eliminate the enemy sniper, liaison and command staff, disguised defeat important, moving, emerging and open single targets (officers enemy snipers and so on).Such a shooter uses a sniper rifle, equipped with telescopic sights and other specific instruments to facilitate aiming.

Quite often referred to as well-aimed sniper fighters in other combat arms (aviation, artillery).

term "sniper" first appeared during World War I in the British army.He descended from the English word "snipe" - a small and fast bird flight path is unpredictable.For it is difficult to hunt: the shot must be carried out at random.


Let's now consider the question of how to become a sniper in Russia.Interestingly, back in 2011, four Russian military distric

ts have decided en masse to prepare drill snipers.Planned through 2016 to provide all mechanized infantry and armored brigades thousand superbly trained marksmen, capable to destroy the enemy from a distance of about two kilometers.The military told, for high-precision destruction of enemy targets are not enough specialists.

And a sniper gun will get?Arm shooters ground units intend Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) of 7.62 mm.By the way, before the Defense Ministry reported that more is not going to buy it obsolete weapons.In addition, the soldiers will get 9 millimitrovye "Vintorez."For special forces have promised to buy imported firearms.A sniper pair should have to equip small-sized laser device intelligence and the means of calculating the initial data for precise firing.

How to become a good sniper, a complex question.To do this, every three years in training centers undergo special training.Educate shooters instructors who were engaged in Solnechnogorsk center prepares upscale frames.Generally designed for sniper school curriculum, which provides mastery of a set of knowledge, skills and abilities, including the adjustment of artillery fire, kontrsnayperskoy preparing and putting in military aviation.

in sniper schools are gaining as a contract, and conscripted soldiers.This new system of selection and training has several stages and levels.Now the "green" recruits do not fall into the snipers in the first exit of the military exercises.First, future professionals go back to school.The district training centers, they not only master the secrets of precision fire, but also learn the details of VDS.

Education in Russia

Many people wonder how to become a sniper in the army.Training soldiers conscripts lasts only three months only, that very little of the sniper.Shortcomings in the forced military training of beginners eliminate when in special schools to replace conscripts come contract soldiers.They are preparing for the extended program.

Incidentally, the Russian army leadership has changed views on the use of first-class shooters.Chief of Staff Nikolai Makarov said that the land each team will form a separate sniper unit.

In fact, the Chief of General Staff said that Russia can only save the snipers.He recalled that the upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East were "signal to all countries," and explained that now the Russian heroes must be "ready for the most bad schemes."According to the generals said it appears that the armed forces to reformat relief of local conflicts.

Chief of Staff also said that now the snipers play an important role in the fighting, especially in urban areas.

What should know the sniper

Quite recently, a former commando Tsiganok Anatoly criticized the training of snipers.He said: "If the Ministry of Defense will prepare snipers three months, as a result of these professionals will come.It will be ordinary soldiers who can destroy a target at a distance of 500 meters.After all, the real sniper to shoot accurately at least one and a half kilometers.Such frames, for example, the group "Alpha" is preparing for three years, and only two years - the presidential security service. "

Many commandos said that the group training shooters FSB Russia only human anatomy study three months.The next three months are learning to identify future snipers wind direction and speed.Another month goes to the study of ballistics - the arrows on the behavior of bullets in the air has to know everything.And only one-week sniper learns to shoot a sunny aura and prepare the weapon so that during the shooting did not blikovala optics.

rifle Dragunov

In order to understand how to become a sniper, you must first hold a rifle Dragunov.This product has a 7.62 mm.Rifle create a group of designers in the years 1958-1963 under the leadership of Yevgeny Dragunov.Automatic weapons based on the exploitation of the energy of powder gases moved on stem channel to the gas piston.Because SVD opened fire rifle cartridges 7,62H54 mm tracer, conventional and armor-piercing incendiary bullets and sniper charges.Shoot from the SVD can be expansive bullets with bullets.

This excellent sniper weapon.From it are fire single shots.The rifle is equipped with an optical sight PSO-1, it is also possible to set the night sight NSPUM.


Do you know who this Pavlichenko Lyudmila?This woman sniper 25th Chapayev Infantry Division of the Red Army.Pavlichenko is a Hero of the Soviet Union.After the war she worked as an employee of the Main Staff of the Navy and was promoted to major troops Coast Guard.

Lyudmila - the luckiest woman sniper in world history.On her account is 309 deadly results (confirmed) in the privates and officers of the army of the enemy.

general has long been considered that the war is a male occupation.But in June 1941, when the German army stormed the borders of our homeland, all the people stood up to defend its independence.Both adults and children, men and women stood in the way of the enemy with weapons in their hands!

in a wonderful chronicle of the Great Patriotic recorded a huge number of female names, the aforesaid military awards of the Soviet Union.It can be read and lёtchitsah, and signalers, and guerrillas.To defend the motherland and orderly, and scout and sniper girl too.A woman fighter became a full knight of the Order of Glory soldier.

Known girl sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko in fierce battles eliminated almost an entire battalion of the enemy!People will always remember Alija Moldagulova, Kostyrin Tatyana, Natasha Screener, Masha Polivanov, Tatiana Baramzin, Nina Pavlovna Petrova and thousands of other women shooters.Never go out shine stars, acquired by them in fierce battles fire.

selection of candidates for the Police snipers

And now we'll show you how to become a sniper ATS.Selecting candidates for such a post, the experts are professional and psychological selection.Its process carried out two important aspects.The first is called the identification of persons who, for moral and psychological, professional and psycho-physiological qualities can not perform tasks sniper.Thus, reducing the number of qualifying errors and nervous breakdowns during military operations or special operations, reducing the possibility of future development of mental illness.

you reflect on the question of how to become a sniper.First you need to study the physiological and psychological evidence for appointment to this post:

  • chronic ailments;
  • condition after the transferred diseases;
  • reduced psychological stability, belonging to the risk group, the propensity to psychological maladjustment;
  • small degree of qualification of important parameters;
  • increased anxiety, fear, anxiety;
  • excessive impulsivity, inconsistency, the tendency for a spectacular response;
  • emotional and vegetative impermanence (frequent blanching or reddening of the face, sweating, constant tremor of eyelids and hands);
  • resentment, irritability, a tendency to negative emotional-evaluative reactions.

second aspect is the determination of the degree of moral and psychological, psycho-physiological readiness and qualifications of candidates for the implementation of the combat operation sniper.

All candidates are assessed the following parameters:

  • legal value orientation (perfect sense of duty, commitment);
  • moral postulates;
  • clear motivation (voluntary desire to solve a complex workload);
  • level of claims, self-confidence, self-esteem, social maturity (responsibility, realism and determination in a difficult situation, flexibility of conduct);
  • intellectual Toe the line (general intelligence, heuristic and operational thinking);
  • resistance to physical and mental stress;
  • level of self-control (balance, restraint, self-control).

important thing is also called the ability to quickly understand the rapidly changing and challenging environment, well-developed perception, motor coordination, speed, strength endurance and spatial orientation.


And while some speculate the question of how to become a good sniper, we will look at training for groups of shooters struggle with armed intruders.Taki learned different characteristic features, chief of which is that there is shooting distance of 300-400 m. A military snipers to offer training for a distance of two to three times more.Moreover, a sniper serving in the police should be able to correctly define the purpose, to take into account the presence of the hostages, members of his group or random persons who may be present near the offender, to be able to be in the same position (a few hours), to be prepared in the future before the court to answer fortheir actions.

Many are interested in learning how to shoot accurately at a target.This is a serious question, and the answer would be: the selection of the snipers in the ATS is very hard.Candidates are selected on a voluntary basis.It is not enough to simply have a desire to be a sniper.Usually, people are taken to such office of the members of the shooting competitions or persons who have the obvious ability to fire.In addition, candidates must have a working knowledge of ballistics.

And even those who want to be a sniper, should have a great experience working in law enforcement, great deal in police activities.Typically, preference is given to a mature, calm and patient person.Pay attention to emotionally balanced, non-smokers and not prone to drink alcoholic beverages individuals.

Before asking a question about how to learn to shoot, you must pay attention to personal qualities.Leaders always chooses the candidates with a good physical preparation, which are able to carry heavy loads.Perfect health is an instant reaction, breath control, accurate control of the muscles.It is important that the sniper has excellent vision and improved endurance.Agree that if the shooter will break or lose points, it will be defenseless.In addition, glass glasses reflect the sun's rays, and thus give the location of the sniper.Incidentally, such a valuable employee must continually improve their professionalism and improve.


known that a sniper shot can change history.Therefore, candidates for the post are selected from the above-average level of intelligence.In addition, the future shooter must clearly and precisely when communicating by radio to express their thoughts, to be able to understand the ballistics, communications, optics, navigation, and so on.The experts also checked the degree of brand new observation, visual memory and the ability to analyze, collect useful data to use them in different situations.

selection is usually divided into two stages.First, we study the available information on the level of development of abilities, health status.What qualities are important in the work of a sniper?Usually pay attention to the physical, business, physiological and moral-psychological parameters of the individual.Then, a test to determine the level of development of these qualities.

So sniper may not be every great shooter.Therefore, evaluating the candidates, experts always show integrity and toughness.

To the sniper has always had a high psychological tone, it regularly subjected to psycho-diagnostic examination (interview, test, watch).For the prevention of stress disorders recommend regular relaxation exercises.They are necessary for the formation of a self-liquidation braking and anti-anxiety, fear of a specific output of the operation.

«Gods of War»

snipers in the military called "gods of war".You'll never find them in the crowd, apparently they are no different from ordinary people.No one will notice that the shooter shell-shocked, and that his eyes have seen death many times.

Snipers are people with tremendous combat experience, excellent grades in the shooting, unlimited endurance and nerves of steel.This fearless people.

general work sniper is associated with iron composure: it can keep a target of up to three days.

Do you know how to check the candidates?Freshman put on a chair near the window, point to any object and it forced to look at it for twelve hours without taking a look!Agree, not everyone is capable of such a thing!

And yet there is no such test: at night uchebke raise snipers and one output field.They handed a rifle and demonstrate the purpose of the (human), and they say, "Shoot!".If the sniper for five seconds presses the trigger, the test fails.In fact, this particular soldier is obliged to be ready to shoot immediately what it will show.

Generally, this work looks like a dangerous game.It is both exciting and cold-blooded.They say that the fight is like a chess snipers.

Known arrow

Did you know that the great snipers is not only in the Soviet Union?We list them in order:

  1. The First World War was known Francis Pegamedzhebou (liquidated 378 enemy soldiers and officers).
  2. Finnish-Soviet war (1939-1940): Simo Hyayhya (542 liquidated officers and soldiers of the enemy).
  3. In modern history there are snipers USSR Tuleugali Nasyrhanovich Abdybek, Akhmanov Mahmoud, Ahat Abdulhakovich Akhmet'yanov, Vasily Zaitsev and others.
  4. Vietnam War is we should snipers: Carlos Hetchkoka (USA), Chuck Mevinni (USA) and Adelbert Waldron III (US).

So, we looked at how you can learn the sniper case, and we hope that this article will help wishing to choose this profession.