The game of Left 4 Dead 2 System Requirements

long time gamers play shooters mainly in single-player mode - they take the storyline campaign as a lone hero.They, of course, was able to connect to servers, multi-user projects, such as Quake or Counter Strike, but none of these projects was not like a normal shooter - there and all the players were against all or gamers were divided into teams and fought in the arena.On the subject of the speech could not have been all that was done exclusively in the competitive style.That is why, when they began to appear cooperative shooters, they got such a great reputation.In them you can team up with friends and to pass along the story line - in fact, in such projects alone you will have a much harder, as the main feature is the ability to help one another, to treat other players, share ammo, keep the door and so on.One of the most popular to date games in this genre is the Left 4 Dead 2 system requirements for which will be discussed in detail in this article.Here you have to play the role of survivors of a z

ombie apocalypse, which need to find their way to freedom through a crowd of the undead.The game was released in 2009, so you will most likely be able to run it without any problems.Still, you'd better check in advance whether your computer system requirements specified by developers.

Operating System

So, first of all you should pay attention to the operating system that is required to run Left 4 Dead 2. System requirements in this case (and in most subsequent points) are divided into two variants - the minimum andRecommended.You should understand that if certain criteria for your computer meets only the minimum requirements, you can run the game, but do not have to rely on the high setting and good performance.For example, you will approach Windows XP to start this game, but you can find some problems and starting difficulties.Accordingly, you should also pay attention to what is the case with Left 3 Dead 2 system requirements recommended by developers - on them and you should navigate.

Recommended OS

As you know, the game in 2009 was set up mainly for Windows 7, so you should specifically target this OS, since this system you would be best to work the Left 4 Dead2. System requirements, however, also indicate that you can safely install the project and on the version of Vista, while you do not even need to care about the bit.This is what makes this game so popular and in demand.It's been six years since its release, and people continue to play it, because it goes on almost any computer, does not require a lot of resources, but it looks better than many of today.What can we say about the gameplay and the story which worked out just perfect.Accordingly, more and more people recognize that there is a game of Left 4 Dead 2, which will offer them as an exciting cooperative campaign and multiplayer option with a variety of options where you can play even zombies.


More than once been said that the game of Left 4 Dead 2 does not require from your computer very impressive resources, so you might be surprised what you will need to have a conventional single-core processor with a frequency of 3GHz to run the project.In recent years, computers are beginning to demand four to six cores, so this result is surprising - but do not rejoice too soon.The fact that only one core is listed in the minimum requirements - consequently, you do not need to focus on these data, because with such a line, you run the risk of not the most impressive performance.In the case of the Left 4 Dead 2 PC System Requirement specified solely to run the game, but it does not take into account the fact that you have to play over the Internet with other gamers that also loads your computer.Therefore, you better immediately focus on the recommended requirements.

Recommended processor

As you know, the core of the processor is clearly not enough that this game was working to its fullest.And considering the fact that on your fate will depend on not only your character, but other gamers, you would not want that in the midst of an important battle, you fell out of the game for a dozen seconds.Accordingly, you better make sure that your computer meet the recommended requirements.Now we are talking about the processor, so you need to get their hands on the CPU, which will have two cores, each of which must have a frequency of at least 2.4 GHz.Only then can you think about the game on the network effective.As you can see, the system requirements of Left 4 Dead 2 does not look very hard, but in fact it is desirable to you to beat them, so as not to feel discomfort when playing over the network.


It's no secret that in the case of computer games Memory plays the most important role, since it is this space and allocates resources to run certain programs.And if the game will require more than your RAM will be able to allocate, it simply will not run.And if the resources will be barely enough, then you can not avoid the brakes.So if you want to play Left 4 Dead 2, the minimum system requirements for RAM - that's what you need to be taken into consideration.However, it does not worry ahead of time - the fact that they are very low.You need to have at least one gigabyte of RAM to run the project on your computer.Of course, as mentioned earlier, in the case of the network game you better not to focus on the minimum requirements of Left 4 Dead 2.

Recommended for RAM

If you plan to play on the network on high settings, then you definitely will not be possibleto do this, referring to the presence of only one gigabyte of memory.Accordingly, you definitely need to increase twice, raising it to two gigabytes.This is the amount specified by the developer, but in the case of RAM miscalculate you just do not get.The more the better, so if you set yourself three or four gigabytes, you can only benefit from this, since the brakes will not do as well as you can install and run, and more modern projects.In the case of the Left 4 Dead 2 requirements for your computer are relative - the whole thing here is multiplayer mode.Much depends on your Internet connection, as well as the one who creates the server, and who joined him as a person, and so on.

video card

Naturally, the main shooter - not graphic design and dynamism, drive, game mechanics, exciting, and more.Still, if the game is framed in excellent graphic style, it gives her a huge plus.And plus you lose it, if you decide to play with minimal settings.For this you need only 128 megabytes of video memory, which is extremely small - you are unlikely to find a computer that does not have this amount of video memory.Even laptops are equipped with more powerful graphics cards, so that the launch of the game you can not worry.More importantly, what card is needed to match the picture on the screen that you want to show developers.

Recommended for video

Accordingly, you definitely need to think about upgrading, if you have only 128 MB graphics card - in fact the recommended requirements for the game Set the other volume, namely 256 megabytes.However, you, again, do not specifically target these figures for several reasons.You should start with the fact that the game was released in 2009, and over the past six years of game development has made a big step forward.And if with 256 MB of video memory, this game will run without problems, the more recent projects not fit your computer.Also, you again need to pay attention to the fact that Left 4 Dead 2 game on the network, and this automatically means more load on your computer, especially if you are the host, and the other players connected to you.

Disk space

Modern computer games may require around 50 gigabytes of free space on your hard drive that is incredibly much.But you do not forget where it came out this game.Why worry about it you have no reason - Left 4 Dead 4 for the installation requires only eight gigabytes of hard disk space.Naturally, you'd better free up some more space to avoid starting problems.