The positive qualities of the people, what are they?

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More Victor Hugo said that every person has the right by three characters: the way in which imagined it to other people, so that he himself attributes, and one that is in reality.Assessment of moral and ethical qualities - it is subjective and ambiguous.Often positive themselves in a particular situation are not completely acquire good hue.

What can be considered positive in terms of morality

Undoubtedly, the positive qualities of people: honesty, reliability, integrity.An honest man will not take someone else's, not hankering for good neighbor, do not go against their conscience.Decency would not allow him to commit such acts, for which then will be ashamed to slander someone, walk over, achieving the desired objectives for their own convenience and benefits transcend the principles and beliefs.But reliability will command up to the end to do his duty no matter how difficult it may be, do not throw in need of assistance, do not look for easy ways.As you can see, the positive qualities of people impose a number of obligations, norms and requirements.Therefore, individuals, focused on high moral principles, to live always more difficult than those who are not too burdened in a similar load.

Look at the world with amazement

Cheerfulness, positive thinking, love of life, openness, tolerance - personality traits, highly valued in the modern world.Positive thinking person is willing, but is set to active creative activity.He knows how to learn from mistakes and errors, but do not dwell on them.It takes into account the experience of the past, but the future aspiration, and this is a very important positive qualities.People who know how to win over, to support, inspire confidence in a victory in the best-case scenario, always glad to see beside her.They happily and easily, they are like the sun's rays illuminate and brighten the gray days of the fountain of positive emotions.It correctly observed that the optimists are sick less often, live longer, look good, feel happier than eternal whiners and grumblers.Moreover, listed the positive qualities of people to help them save for a child's pure perception of the world, the ability to see and feel the beauty and harmony, to admire them.It was such an enlightened person like the legendary Buddha or our contemporary Osho.And it does not mean that people should always cheerful and everywhere appear with a smile on his face.No, he knows all the imperfections of our reality, its evils and troubles.But, being a realist, a "homo sapiens" successfully combines constructive criticism with real actions that change the world for the better.As well as tolerance, patience - it is not indifferent to the negative manifestations of the properties and characteristics of other people, and the ability to respect the different way of life, culture and ethical standards.The positive qualities, the list of which is given, in the time allowed Miklouho-Maclay explore the life and customs of New Guineans, to use them in high esteem, but do not sink to cannibalism.

Educate Yourself

any mature person self-knowledge begins with self-esteem, a study of his character, the eradication of certain traits and active education of others.How to do it?We read books, watch movies, watch for those who are close to people, analyze, draw conclusions, compare.Because you can make a list of what positive qualities you would like to develop in yourself and get rid of any negative.And then purposefully methodically work your soul to work, work, work.

freedom of spirit, compassion, integrity, common sense - these and many other qualities to help us at any time and any age do not lose yourself, remain human beings.They lead to incessant spiritual development and improvement.