Placebo - what is it?

first mention of placebo fall to XVIII century.For two hundred years, he was actively employed doctors to deal with this or that disease.Placebo was considered an indispensable element of medicine at the time.Today attitude is ambiguous: one believes in its miraculous power, and someone said no more than an empty shell.So, placebo - what is it and how effective and reasonable use of medicine?That is what we will cover in this article.

placebo.What it is?

Under this concept implies a substance that has no effect on the human body, but it is given to the patient under the guise of the drug.That is a placebo - it's just a hoax, a fiction.Treatment takes place on the basis of suggestions: a man entirely sure that the pills or injections that are prescribed by a doctor, to help in the fight against disease and the body begins to destroy the disease on their own without any help.This is the placebo effect.Preparations are valid only if the patient believes that they will help him.The higher the level of

human suggestibility, the more effective will be the impact.To create such "drug" is generally used starch, glucose, calcium, distilled water.

helps or not?

Some medical institutions practicing placebo.What it is a unique tool able to make the body of the sick person to fight infection and other ailments has been proven repeatedly.Scientists from the UK conducted a series of experiments.Undergoing surgery patients were divided into two groups.First given morphine for pain, and the other - placebo tablets.The result was simply stunning: the pain was gone in all patients.It is also good evidence that the placebo actually works, is an American product "Letril" which cured cancer patients.Some patients that were able to cope with this serious disease, and live the present day.Once researchers have decided to thoroughly examine the composition of the drug and to identify the component which is capable of killing infected cells, preventing them from progressing, it was found that the drug was made based on an extract of apricot pits.After this sensational discovery to treat cancer, this tool has been impossible, as people realize that the means do not really have any effect on the body.

Why even use a placebo?

in pharmacology for testing of medicines is also used placebo.This occurs as follows: a group of patients is divided into two parts.The first one allowed to develop drugs, and the second - placebo.If the effect of the invention, the formulation is slightly higher than the effect of the second means, the batch is rejected.The question of a placebo (what it is, we have reviewed earlier) is still open, and believe it or not - this is a private matter.But scientifically proven that the power of auto-suggestion - one of the best things our bodies are able to recover and heal from the most seemingly serious diseases.