Compatible women and men Gemini-Sagittarius

If we talk about whether it is possible compatibility women Gemini and Sagittarius man, the answer is rather ambiguous.Of course, they are ideally suited to each other, but the differences in their characters can lead to not very pleasant consequences.But let's order.

What contradictions of the characters?

Twins are always a kind of mask, which may vary depending on the situation.Sagittarius A straightforward, open and far from the theater of games in public.And when you consider that women can change the mask at the most inopportune moment, it would be worth thinking about whether you want to start dating with her.But how hard is it to do!Woman Twins sparkling, beautiful, easy-going and can carry along in such a jungle of which will be very difficult to get out.Living with it will never be boring.Male Sagittarius - adventurous, prone to narcissism.He was accustomed to receive from life only the best.That's why he and draws attention to the Twins.It is difficult to pass that which is admired all ar

ound.And she did not get off to the partners of men who are confident and able to turn the head of any lady.

Compatibility women Gemini and Sagittarius man

Despite some small flaws, the similarity in these signs a lot more.They both love adventure, adventure.And in the family life they are unlikely to be bored.Marriage Sagittarius and Gemini will always be filled holiday that Sagittarius man can do nothing.Besides, a woman will never be alone with a way of life, the children and the household chores.He is always happy to share all things to the evening was just the two of them.

Gemini and Sagittarius - love

this couple in love knows no measure.They are like a battlefield: a quarrel always be reconciled, sometimes even much more rapid than the previous row.Female Gemini loves to provoke a partner and challenge it.But Sagittarius is even impressed, because as a victory, albeit small - is always an occasion to get closer to his beloved.But here you should not go too far, a man of this sign is quite straightforward, and may on occasion to express their views are not very loyal, which in turn often leads to a quarrel.But they quickly reconciled.Compatible women Gemini and Sagittarius man is so complete that about their little problems, they can not talk to each other - and their partner feels so at a distance.

What keeps in a relationship?

But women compatibility Gemini and Sagittarius man may prove to be not so perfect.The reason for this turn of events is a pathological infidelity of both signs.Both of them - "adventurers", but may elect to forgive infidelity.Unless, of course, recognize the fact that they themselves are not the standard of fidelity.However, with time constants of treason partners leads to the fact that the alienation between them begins, and the marriage turns into a peaceful coexistence of the two strangers, and almost at the same time these native people.


As you can see, women compatibility Gemini and Sagittarius man is almost complete, especially if they agree to get rid of some of its shortcomings, which prevent such relationships.And then the couple would be ideal.