Security in the supermarket

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Security supermarkets - versatile and capacious concept.

for shopkeepers is, first of all, protection against theft of cash and goods.The next owners of all think about the safety of the property in the event of accidents or natural disasters.Buildings equipped with whole set of systems of security, video surveillance, automatic fire detection and suppression systems, warning and evacuation in case of fire, etc.In general, respectable owners have pretty invest to bring their stores in a "secure" state and, like they have fulfilled all the requirements of security laws, but ...

imagine anyone familiar store, easier to supermarket, in which youThere are, at least once or twice a week.Look around you - how many windows with daylight surround you?That's right, in most cases - no !!!It seems to be a familiar and usual route around the store for groceries and household stuff can be performed with closed eyes.Can you guess what this is about?

So an example.In our beloved and very familiar store disable lighting.It should also switch on the hazard!But somehow, as always.And here we finally have the opportunity to test yourself and go with your eyes closed, try what we can do.We remember all the corners of this store is better than his master, and ready for anything!But!We are not with your eyes closed!We are in the dark !!!Somehow quietly move does not work, other buyers are starting to push and move restlessly stumbling carts with products and bumping into the product placed in the evacuation passages.With the rising tide of panic is brewing in the crowd breaks out and somebody's hysterical and screaming children.

Almost 99% of visitors to the buildings as an emergency exit will use (seek to) the way and the door, which they used to enter the building.People will attack each other, forgetting to say nothing about propriety and some manners, and all that they are men, thinking only of their own safety.Behind behind there are a couple visitors a completely free outputs.A stream of people at a "familiar" output will create a cluster that squeeze through it will be almost impossible.Suffice it to recall their feelings in public transport in the rush hour, when you can easily pass the desired stop, unable to squeeze through the crowd.Only here the crowd is frenzied, and the size of a dozen buses or cars and "drive" will be past his chance of survival.Unfortunately, the fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm, warning and evacuation management you are unlikely to help because there is no fire - only panic.Or extinguishing system work as "excellent" and put out the fire, but the crowd will continue to try to leave the building, no matter what is not paying attention.

are no hopeless situations.Suffice literate and informed decisions for today is the equipment of escape routes and emergency exits fotolyuminstsentnymi evacuation systems (PES).Special materials that can collect light from the ambient light daylight or artificial light in the dark very clearly indicate their glow all the escape routes from the premises and emergency exits.In practice, there is enough evidence of the safe and timely evacuation of people from buildings and premises, equipped with FES, whereas even training sessions with the lights off in a supermarket in the flow of crowds of people began to be confused with the direction of the movement and orientation of the building.

Unfortunately, such systems are not currently included in the list of "mandatory" sets the safety of buildings.But any owner thinking about the final level of security, including for its visitors, sooner or later will make a decision about the equipment Photoluminescent evacuation systems of their buildings.One of the competitive advantages of the owner, for example, the supermarket will be the satisfaction of our basic needs, not only in food but also in security, thus making your store more attractive.For the buyer, knowing that in a building equipped with FES safer in any case, the next time it will go there.

Protect yourself and your family!

Security in supermarkets.