8 of the beautiful and spit volume

Many deny themselves the pleasure to braid pigtail "who wants to go with rat tail!".But knowing the basic rules of the beautiful braids, this hairstyle can be worn even the owners of not too thick hair.

1. Powder Hair

This powder works wonders - give the amount of powder that lasts all day.The product should not be used as a dry shampoo, it must be quite a bit.If you want to add volume spit, then do better in the following way: first braid loose braid, then sprinkle with powdered plait, gently rub your fingers through his hair, and then flatten and pull the strands of the braid, braid will not be until the desired thickness.

2. Dry shampoo

Another familiar trick to make more voluminous plait - a dry shampoo.Apply it should be on the loose hair.If your hair is clean - spray dry just add thickness and texture of each hair.And if dirty - then more and clean.Do not comb dirty hair before you apply a dry shampoo, otherwise they are too soaked with sebum, and even a good product can not cope with the abundance of fat completely.

Spray dry shampoo through the hair from root to tip.Braid braid easy, being careful not to crush the hair.At the end, use an old toothbrush (clean and dry) or comb for fleece to loosen several sections of braid, adding lightness.

3. Overhead strands

If your hair is not thick and thin, even good powder will not be able to add the required volume and thickness.But there is a good decision - the overhead locks.For strands braid is better to take on the clips that attach almost neck.

strands may vary slightly from the color of his hair, additional shade will create a three-dimensional effect that visually thickens braid.

4. fleece

fleece infrequently used holders of long hair.If you wear your hair loose, the bouffant is still not keep volume at the roots, and generally only creates chaos on the head.But with braids and bouffant hair long as a more compatible!Nacheshite hair over the entire length, form of these three sections and braid a braid.You just need to fix her hair lacquer conventional styling.

5. Weave a new

Do not worry, you'll have to master the difficult technique.Just there is one secret of how to weave the braid to make it thicker.Begin to weave a braid of three segments as usual.After having done a few stitches, hold the end of one segment with one hand while the other two segments of the other.Pull one strand, and the other two in front, pull in the opposite direction, to the base of the spit.Next - is repeated again to weave the braid as usual, and then again repeat the trick with the movement upwards.Secure the braid at the end of a rubber band, and then the broad brush comb some sections spit upwards.You will have a fashionable "relaxed" Spit, pretty thick and textured.

6. Curling before weaving

If all the hair of different lengths, the smooth weave almost does not work: each section of the spit sticking pryadok tips.There is a solution - it is necessary to twist locks.Use tongs are not large diameter (up to 3-4 cm), and make a wave of small pryadok - all in one direction.Curling prevent unruly and embossing and hair strands.Kos is accurate and will last long.Before curling hair mousse to treat persistent curls.

7. ribbons, bows and other accessories

Accessories can make the braid is much thicker and the hair at the same time remain the same.There are several ways how to implement it.Firstly, the entire length of the tape can be woven braid (one or several).Secondly, in each section of the insert with invisible beads or small flowers.This technique works well in a relaxed easy spit.And third, even a single flower or bow to help divert attention from some shortcomings of the hair.You can attach it to his temple, at the base of the spit, or even at the end of the spit.

8. Spit without condom on the end

Eraser well holds a scythe, but it looks too trivial, boring.Moreover, squeezing the hair, sometimes even breaks them.Try to do without the gum, securing the braid at the end node and the invisible.To do this, before weaving well nacheshite braids each segment, but only at the ends.When dopletete scythe through, textured tresses will be easier to fix in a spectacular assembly and secure structure invisible (to stab into the base unit).After tighten the braid varnish strong fixation.This trick will create the illusion of more volume and a thick braid.

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