How to grow grapes: reproduction softwood cuttings

Grapes - a valuable culture that dream start in their own garden plot, many vacationers.Berries it really tasty.But, in addition to direct use in food, there are plenty of ways to use the ripe berries.Of these, make wine, juices, fruit drinks and much more.Recently, as a result of the constant work of scientists-breeders displayed lots of different varieties.Among them there are those who have large fragrant berries and valuable technical variety, and those that have a special resistance to major diseases of grapes.However, their cost is fairly high.Therefore, acquiring a precious copy of and convinced of its excellent quality, the owners start thinking about how to get more bushes, which will bring a delicious grapes.Reproduction of softwood cuttings in this case - one of the most convenient and popular methods.Planting seedlings in the ground ready usually does not cause much difficulty.But to get them yourself from the already growing shrub can be difficult.

of grafted When?

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In principle, the reproduction of grape softwood cuttings can be done at almost any time of the year.But in order to achieve optimum results, it is advised to prepare the material in May and June, just a few weeks before flowering.The young shoots should be at this time to gain enough strength to follow an independent life.The most important thing in preparing future planting material - to prevent even the slightest drying to obtain a viable grapes.Reproduction of softwood cuttings so you should start at high humidity, and it is a cloudy day in the early morning or evening.

How to choose the material?

suitable for grafting stepsons, shoots the bushes, as well as the upper parts of branches.Usually selected part which contains 3-4 buds developed, capable of giving a future quality grape.Reproduction of softwood cuttings begins with the preparation of green material.Cropped twig must be shortened on top, just above the eye, and crop the bottom 3-4 cm after a kidney.It is of great importance for the subsequent establishment have vivid green leaves.If looking to escape kidney 3, 2 left upper leaf.If they are less necessary to leave one leaf to grow out of it in the future strong and mighty grapes.

How to root?

reproduction softwood cuttings requires the preparation of the dishes quite roomy (for example, suitable container cropped out of the water volume of 5 liters).It is necessary to fill the earthen mixture, which will be half garden soil and the other half - the compost.At the bottom of the container need to make holes.Then, thus prepared a pot placed in the corners of four young cuttings.They need to be watered, and then wrap well capacity plastic bag.Then you can remove the cuttings in a well lit place and do not touch about a couple of weeks until the grapes survives.Reproduction of softwood cuttings will then be in the care of young seedlings.It will be enough to open them once a week for ventilation and watering.And when there will be noticeable new shoots that will happen in about two months, planting can be carried in the open ground.If the cuttings was launched in June, the outdoors bushes future will be in August and will have time to take root well before October, and even form a tree trunk.In other cases, will have to put the seedling in greenhouse conditions.

reproduction of wild grape cuttings is similar.Here the most important thing - to keep the cut stalks.To do this they need to be placed immediately in a container with water and close it well to prevent evaporation.