Stinging nettle as fertilizer

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Vegetable and fruit plants not only need good care, but also feeding.And gardeners systems go to the store for chemicals.Do they know that the best means - under your feet?For example, the ubiquitous as fertilizer nettle surpasses all synthetic analogs.It is only necessary to know how to use it correctly.

Valuable properties of nettle

As a source of vitamins (C, K, A), micronutrients and valuable organic acids (iron, copper, potassium, nitrogen, manganese, and so on. D.), The indestructible weed is widely used inhome of cosmetology, as well as in cooking, as an additive to the spring green salad and soup and soups.To feed the vegetables and ornamentals nettle is particularly valuable as a fertilizer because of its high content of potassium and nitrogen.And it is equally useful for food and to protect the plantations from pests and diseases.Experienced gardeners always store them for future use tincture of nettles.As fertilizer is prepared and used - more on that below.First, it will be useful to know how to use at the site fresh nettles.

Burning defender

nature of her, of course, the burning, which deters many from her.Is it possible that's what its properties are used for the benefit?For example, to change their attitude to the weeds and to leave his band around the perimeter of the site as a hedge?Uninvited guests will be easier to overcome thorny fence, than a barrier.Well, if such an extravagant method is not suitable, you can mow the nettle and put it under the vegetable plants - tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes.Firstly, it is the mulch that prevents weeds germinate.Second, it deters pests - leaf-eating insects, slugs.Expanding, nettle as fertilizer feeds plants.Many gardeners successfully practiced mulching shredded nettles, enriching the soil and protecting it from erosion.

How to make fertilizer nettle

process is very simple.Fresh or slightly dried slightly to reduce the need to chop the grass kusachesti or cut, folded into a bucket or barrel (it is desirable to use plastic containers, not metal) and pour supernatant or rainwater.All of this will wander ten to fourteen days.The smell, it must be said, is not pleasant, because you need to determine the correct place to make fertilizer.We get the infusion may be safely irrigate all plants, except for the beans, onion and garlic - they somehow nettle as a fertilizer does not like.But such dressing gratefully accepts all other vegetables and even flowers as garden and room.Very good acting fertilizer berry bushes - currants, blackberries, raspberries.You can water the nettle infusion of strawberries.After a recharge plant literally come to life, their leaves are shiny and rich green, accelerated growth and maturation of the fruit.

more about a way of cooking nettle fertilizer will be useful to know.Grass stalks and can be burned and valuable ash content of nitrogen and potassium several times superior wood.Here is this valuable plant - stinging nettle weed.