Tips on how to grow grapes in Siberia

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About 20 years ago, the vine in the Siberian gardens were a rarity.To learn how to grow grapes in Siberia, few knew, but it turned out to grow it in individual gardeners.Now this southern culture firmly taken root in many areas, from her get-rich crops amazingly delicious, beautiful and useful berry.The success of amateur viticulturists inspires them adjoin each year more and more growers and collection of varieties grown in Siberia updated modern types with improved qualities.

Prepare a place for newcomer from autumn

If you had a dream to nurture the vines on his land, begin with theoretical training for a new occupation.First you need to learn in detail about how to grow grapes in Siberia.Prepare to receive a new culture is necessary in the fall.You should choose a place in the garden (very sunny and ventilated, dry) and prepare the site for planting: dig trench depth and width of 70 cm, at the bottom of which sketch a broken brick (for drainage), the top pour a layer thickness of 10 cm of coarse sand,trench fill nutrient soil with a mixture of peat, sand, decomposed humus and sod land with the addition of complete fertilizer with trace elements.Good spill water - moist soil is less chilled.On top of the trench, cover with straw, boards, cover with foil, so that the soil is not frozen deeply and rapidly warmed in spring.Grapes need to be planted immediately for permanent, as it very quickly develops roots and a large number of small roots at the periphery.Transplant seedlings tronuvshegosya in growth - it's not always successful, requires considerable effort and care.


Those who know how to grow grapes in Siberia, it is advised to start with the early varieties that have short Siberian summer will have time to ripen the grapes ripen properly and the vine that is necessary for wintering in the harsh climate.Know that seedlings grown from grape seeds, do not repeat the varietal characteristics.To care and reward work, do not purchase seedlings from unknown people.The best will be annual and biennial obtained from cuttings or seedlings, cuttings, wintered in a cool place.Older varieties are not resistant to diseases, taste quality of the crop of small berries in small bunches low.It is such varieties as "homeland", "Alpha", "Pearl Saba", "Jubilee Novgorod", "Seedling Solovyov," "Madeleine Anzhevin."

Where to start growing grapes in Siberia?

After purchasing seedlings in early spring immediately transplant it into a large container filled with sand garden land.At the bottom of the pot holes are required to drain excess water and drainage layer.Put a pot of seedlings in the most lit windowsill, but not too close to the glass.Plug the high peg and tie it to the plant with a tag, which is the name of the variety.Water the soil dried up only the settled warm water.Gradually hardened plant accustomed to fresh air and ultraviolet.As soon as the warm weather, pass by freezing the grapes are planted with a clod of earth on the roots in prepared since autumn trench.Set the trellis and tie the young vine to grow it.

New varieties of grapes for Siberia

"Sultana radiant" - large-fruited Muscat, the best of the seedless varieties.Average height, rannesredny (ripening period of 130 days).Berry size 22h18 mm, weight up to 1 kg of grapes.The high sugar content (about 21%) with little acidity."Rusbol" - vigorous, with early ripening period (from 115 to 125 days), yielding, resistant to disease, frost (-25 degrees).Bunches of up to 1 kg, seedless white oval berries 18h16 mm, pleasant sweet taste."Olga" ("Beauty of the North") - a large bunch of large pink and white berries, which a lot of folic acid.It is resistant to disease."Rusven" - sort of a very fruitful and early, with good aging shoots.Large berry, green and pink, with bright muscat flavor."Golbey Know" - precocious, large-fruited, with amber and white berries nutmeg flavor.Loza has time to mature over the summer.The variety is resistant to disease."Tukai" - an early ripening period with a golden tan white berries with muscat flavor gorgeous, very productive variety."Karmakod" - large oblong-oval berries (red-blue), a pleasant taste.Fruiting in the second or third year.

Shelter vines in the winter

on the advice of experienced gardeners who know how to grow grapes in Siberia beginner vineyard is not necessary in the first 2 years to do summer pruning of green shoots.First let sapling grow freely, to adapt to the climate, to build up the roots.Floral tear off the ovary, not sparing.In the autumn before frost vines in the winter harbor without cutting them to better survive.The shoots are distributed on opposite sides of the trench and prishpilivayut, the top covered with duct height 25 cm, then lay a layer of dry straw, delaying the film (or roofing material) - so prepare the vines for the winter.Pounces on the snow cover.

Formation of vines

Without proper pruning did not get a good crop of grapes.But to talk about the existing Forming a bush in one article is difficult.Here is one way - one-sided sloping cordon.In the first year grow a powerful one escape.In the following spring it is necessary to cut the length of the distance between the bushes and tie obliquely to the bottom wire trellis.After bud, remove any shoots at a height of 20-30 cm from the base of the bush, leaving a well-developed shoots up (every 20-30 cm).In the spring of the third year cut all the shoots to 2-3 buds.At the 4 th year on these horns will form fruiting units.