Openwork Tomato F1: reviews, description, cultivation, photo

Many gardeners decades familiar with the remarkable production agricultural firm "Zedekiah."A huge number of seeds of tomato varieties and hybrids are recognized and loved by domestic gardeners for quality and excellent germination.Today let's talk about a tomato Openwork F1, its cultivation and efficient farming practices used in the care of the culture.

Tomato Openwork F1: description

Fully justifying its gentle title, the tomato is very decorative.Magnificent carved foliage decorates compact determinate bush, t. E. Limited the growth of shoots, but nevertheless gives an excellent harvest large tomatoes.Fruit reaches 300-400 g and have good flavor.Tomato F1 Openwork equally successfully grown both in open beds, and under greenhouse conditions.Like many hybrids, it is resistant to cracking, and the classic "tomato" diseases.Compact bush can be grown without the use of his suspenders.In this case, the weight of maturing and gaining weight bush tomatoes will lie on a bed.Proper form ploskookrugloy fetus fleshy pulp is juicy crimson color and excellent sweet taste and excellent yields - all these characteristics has won the recognition of many tomato growers Openwork F1.Tomato, reviews about the cultivation of which allow us to make such a conclusion, is a very promising crop with moderate form laterals.

How to assure gardeners, this versatile hybrid, is equally delicious in salads and winter blanks, still remarkably fruitful.On one bush shoot to 5-7 kg, and experienced growers say that is not the limit, because the skill, care and use of proper farming practices significantly increase plodootdachu tomato Openwork F1.Tomato seeds which deserve the highest praise of experienced gardeners, please pleasant fruits.We will understand the intricacies of growing and care.

tomato seeds Openwork F1 «Zedekiah»

Positioned in the market as a hybrid seeds Medium early maturing, Openwork F1 gives the large red-pink fruit on day 100-105 with the appearance of germs.Quality of grown hybrids and their resistance to disease are directly depending on the seed."Sedekovskie" tomato seeds Openwork F1 (Testimonials confirm this information) won appreciation gardeners high germination friendly and excellent survival.Planting tomato seedlings - the most productive way to get a good crop, so always start with a pre-sowing treatment.Given that tomato Openwork F1 - Culture Medium early, planted seedlings in the early or mid-March.

Seed treatment before planting

Pretreatment of seeds for planting will improve germination and reduce the time of germination of seedlings.Typically, the seeds are soaked in a solution of bio-stimulator ("Appin", "Zircon"), has protective properties and activates.Openwork F1 - Tomato, reviews about the cultivation of which is very impressive, but experienced gardeners practice still warming the seeds before planting.To this end, two days kept seeds in conditions with consistently maintained up to 40? C temperature, and then soaked in the "Appin".Upon completion of these procedures, the biomaterial is ready for planting.

Planting Seeds

All varieties and hybrids perfectly grown seedling method.No exception and tomato Openwork F1, reviews about the cultivation of which allow us to understand that gardeners are unanimous: the plant is growing rapidly and is well tolerated transplant.Sow seeds seedlings in containers disinfected beforehand.The ground will suit anyone - store-bought or made yourself from garden soil with the addition of humus and peat in different proportions.Containers filled with two-thirds of prepared soil, and it is moistened seeds are planted at an interval of 1 cm between them are recessed not more than 1-1.5 cm. Containers closed film or glass and placed in a room with heat and light.Germinate seedlings for 3-4 days.Once the shoots appear on the surface of the glass, closing the top of the vessel is gradually shifted.It is not recommended to take it at once - small plants while experiencing stress and a gradual (not sudden) supply of fresh air to minimize it.A pick

seedling emergence of seedlings in the 3-5 leaves is a signal for the seating of each plant into individual pots.This is called a dive.Openwork Tomato F1, reviews of the transplant which confirms the good endurance of seedlings, it is easy dive.Soil same approach that was used when planting seeds.As previously disinfected containers poured prepared soil and moisten it by adding fertilizer to the water peat-humic groups to regulate and stimulate the growth of seedlings.Such feeding significantly improve the soil by microorganisms and enhances plant immunity.Containers with seedlings on a bright windowsills or balconies.The room temperature must not be lower than 22-24? C.

seedling problems: how to preserve it

can not raspikirovat seedlings and forget about them.Engage in seedlings gardeners have to constantly: it is necessary to inspect it in time to feed and water, because it depends on the health of its future harvest.Although tomatoes, including tomato Openwork F1 («Zedekiah") are very undemanding crops and loyal to the change of conditions, diseases, and rare watering, yet low-quality care for seedlings may affect its development.Mainly plants for novice gardeners suffer from a lack of light or illiterate watering.Seedlings must receive light and warmth - a basic condition of good development.Even the lack of nutrients does not affect the seedlings so negatively, as the absence of these two components.So think about the proper placement of containers have to be sure.Also important the right water regime.Often the leaves on the seedlings turn yellow and this figure, surprisingly, excessive watering.Experts warn that high humidity can cause the development of pathogenic fungi and lead to various problems.If the process has not gone away, the adjustment of watering seedlings will return to normal development.But progressive yellowing plants will have to take drastic measures.

each seedling should be clear from the ground and, after examining the roots, remove the blackened and rotting.For large lesions of left main stem and root several major side branches.Sick leaves are cut.This has revived the plant is transplanted into a new, slightly moist fertile soil.Watering seedling should be moderate.The first watering is carried out with warm water and manganese.Pay particular attention to ventilate the room, and it should be done continuously, as fresh air to stop the growth of bacteria on seedlings.Before planting a permanent place in the ground roots can again handle the Bordeaux mixture or a weak solution of copper sulphate.These measures will help the plants recover and catch up with (or be left behind just a little) healthy seedlings.

Preparation for planting

Judging by the reviews, tomato Openwork F1, which is growing more successful than the stronger and healthier seedlings taking root in well-heated to 15-17? C soil.Better and faster rooting of young plants takes place in the greenhouse, but in the open field and under appropriate conditions, tomatoes are doing well.Greenhouse growing allows to harvest much earlier, and tomatoes with open beds are always delicious.Experienced gardeners practice both types of cultivation of this hybrid.

Preparing seedlings for planting on a constant is the spraying of copper oxychloride - are doing this in order to protect the young plants from the occurrence of fungal diseases that can be activated in a difficult period for seedling establishment.

prick recommended not very hot time of the day.Ideal - to do this in the second half of the day cloudy.The plant with a minimum of stress and survive the transplant uses the upcoming night to recuperate and better rooting.

Soil Preparation

Tomatoes prefer Openwork F1 air- and water-permeable, well-warmed loamy soils.In open areas, this vegetable is grown in the high places, or raised beds.Best predecessors, previously grown on areas where it is supposed to plant tomatoes are cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers.You can not use former potato beds, because diseases of potato and tomato are identical and can slow down the development.The soil is prepared from the fall: digging add humus or compost, wood ash and superphosphate (50 g / m2 1).

If the ability to change the location for planting tomato absent, the plot treated with a solution of copper sulfate.Then dig a well and bring any qualitative organic matter, such as humus.

Preparation greenhouse

Since greenhouse expanses annually take the same culture, the treatment of the soil is also necessary to pay maximum attention.At least once in three years, the top layer of the earth be removed, disinfect the soil to hold the spring and all parts of the greenhouse with a solution of copper sulfate.Tomatoes - the strong culture, capable to impoverish the soil, so the timely application of fertilizers - a necessary condition for improving the fertility of greenhouse soil.Organics - the best dressing.Per square meter of soil is made of at least 20 kg of humus.


Procedure planting tomatoes universal: on the soil surface mark out holes at intervals of 40 cm. Undersized tomatoes spacing between plants should be about 40 cm and between rows - 50-60 cm. These kinds of concerns and tomato Openwork F1("Zedekiah").Reviews gardeners emphasize such optimal intervals: Squirting bushes do not compete with each other, everyone gets sunlight evenly thickened with such a landing there.

After marking each well watered generously.Experienced gardeners when planting tomatoes recommend the use of organic fertilization.As well, put a tablespoon of ashes and a few bird feathers - an excellent source of silicon, mixed with the soil.Then, a plant in the hole and buried underground.After planting, water the bushes again.Reminds gardeners: watering is necessary to carry out extremely warm water.

Watering After planting tomatoes should not be watered week is no exception and tomato Openwork F1.Reviews gardeners who grow the hybrid, are reduced to the maximum time the young bushes withstand without watering after planting is not more than 10 days.Subsequent "water treatment" until the flowering very reasonable - 4-5 liters per 1 m2.During the formation of flowers and ovaries increase the amount of moisture is almost three times - up to 12-15 liters.But should carefully monitor the soil and adjust watering.Land should not be too dry or too wet.The water should not fall on the leaves, stems and fruits - is significantly delay the appearance of late blight.The best watering tomato is considered to drop.

Pasynkovanie and care

Moderate formation of laterals - the distinguishing feature of tomato Openwork F1.And still grow back from the axils of leaves, be sure to remove the shoots.They have spent a lot of energy plants and otschipyvanie stepchildren potentially increases the future harvest.

Tomato Openwork F1, agricultural machinery cultivation which includes regular weeding and loosening very responsive to the care and gives much more likely to harvest when performing these simple terms.

Diseases and pests

Prone whether tomato diseases Openwork F1?Testimonials about this aspect of the cultivation of the following: culture is very resistant to various "tomato" misfortunes, but the flaws in the care can trigger any pest attack or infection.The most common diseases that afflict the bush are fungal, late blight, tobacco mosaic, apical rot and brown spotting.To avoid such trouble, or rather, to prevent their occurrence, gardeners recommend to observe a number of simple conditions:

• use quality seeds purchased from trusted manufacturers;

• not plant tomatoes in the vicinity of the potato;

• change the landing site every year or, failing that, to process and to restore the soil;

• the detection of lesions necessarily kill the plant;

• remove weeds;

• carry out work on the formation of the bush must be exclusively from the dried out after watering the plants;

• possible to use greenhouses.

following these simple guidelines, experienced gardeners keep a weighty part of the crop.As a rule, the specific smell of tomato leaves trivial deters pests gardens - snails and slugs sidestep planting tomatoes, especially if they are in an enclosed space such as a greenhouse.There is an atmosphere, an unpleasant pests, more concentrated and unbearable, so tomatoes, able to defend themselves, rarely attacked.These same properties and tomato Openwork F1.Reviews, photos testify to this.Tomato rarely damaged by such pests.

Thus, proper care and care will be rewarded handsomely and appreciate the hard-working gardener good harvest superior culture called Openwork tomato F1.Agricultural company "Zedekiah", offering this hybrid on the market, making it an excellent crop of delicious fruit.