Manic prejudices or will destiny?

What do you think, what people dream about the murder?What is it - a hidden maniacal inclinations or the result of an overabundance of watching a horror movie?Let's understand this!

What dream killing people

to psychologists Miller

That's what about this think the American scientist and psychologist Gustav Miller.If you dream that you're a cold-blooded killer, do not be afraid.There is not no question about hidden manic deposit.This dream indicates that you are freed from unnecessary and empty stereotypes and bored nature of his personality that hinder your self-development and growth.

If in your dreams you kill children, then you are not a maniac with Elm Street Freddy Krueger type.This is completely normal sleep.The fact that you're fighting with his immaturity, with children's behavior, you have entrenched somewhere in the depths of the soul ...

sums up what dreams killing people, I want to note the instruction Gustav Miller: "Never feelguilty! These dreams are nothing more than the Latest Stage of your spiritual self! "

Family dream book.Why dream of killing

  1. dream in which you become a witness to this murder, could easily become prophetic.You can see the act of the violent death of someone or find a ready corpse.
  2. In addition, the murder in a dream is a symbol of misfortune and sadness provoked by your enemies.
  3. What do you think, what people dream about killing your own hands?Unlike Millerovsky interpretation here it is not so simple!If you see yourself in a dream killer, then in reality you will engage in these or other shameful events and intrigues that last a lifetime stain your reputation.
  4. If you kill for defensive purposes, the reality to cope with all the troubles arose.Remember, do it will not be easy, but you can do it.
  5. In the dream you are the victim of slander?You are accused of murder, which you did not commit?Get ready for a quarrel with your friends in reality!
  6. If you had a suicide, think about your body.You have a breakdown caused by a sense of guilt for something.

I - ruthless killer!This is what dreams?

blood, murder, screams ... This is reminiscent of scenes from thrillers and horror movies.The opinion of leading psychologists such.

  1. If your victims - these are your real enemies, this dream is a good sign of your spiritual development (Miller) and emotional relief from many prejudices.In my heart you feel the anger and hatred of his enemies, and this is perfectly normal.Speaking exaggerated, in this case the dream is an involuntary projection of your negative feelings against their enemies, which you, of course, want to put an end once and for all.
  2. If the victims of the bloody showdown that you have made, are no innocent people, then the dream shows some intractable problems that prevent you normally live.You can not solve them on their own, but are willing to do anything to it was so.Psychologists advise at the time of escape from them, to do useful things you love.