What does sleep from Sunday to Monday?

Dreams - is the gateway to another world.This was interpreted by various magicians and soothsayers, spiritual teachers and their students.Esoteric teachings are based around such an important process, as a dream, believe that it is - a way to open the future to communicate with ancestral spirits and the cosmos as a whole.There is a whole theory of lucid dreaming - the teaching that helps simulate their dreams through them to get information about the world and themselves in the world.

that from the point of view of this practice is a dream from Sunday to Monday?Each day of the week the doctrine of conscious visions gives its patron saint.For this Sunday - the sun.Star, symbolizing the creative source, space, and his wisdom, creativity and renewal.But Monday patronizes moon, and it is insidious and changeable, for a month more than once replaced guises.Because Monday is deservedly considered the day a heavy, two-faced, when it is better not to conceive of the new not start complex and difficult cases.On this day, it is not necessary to return the debts and lend, to talk about his plans and also to mention the evil spirits.In combination, which give these heavenly bodies, and the truth is born: what promises sleep from Sunday to Monday.

If the vision was clear, logical and very colorful, most of all, it means that in the event of a future will be associated with you and your troubles at home.Sometimes this dream may indicate that the front of a lot of household chores and work on the improvement of its nest.

When it come to pass that dream from Sunday to Monday?If you look at a favorite magical symbol - seven-pointed star, it is possible to link together its top.Then Luna, protection Monday, will be in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus, whose day - Thursday.That is, wait for the events of the dream should be no earlier than Thursday.

And sleep from Sunday to Monday - a measure of what really takes your mind, even if you do it do not guess.Because of the events of this vision should be given special attention, to think and to understand what they were trying to convey to you the knowledge of their images, which took place in a dream.

Particular care should be interpreted dreams from Sunday to Monday the young unmarried girls.In many legends, if this young lady will produce some magic ritual on the eve, the night she would be able to face his destiny, and to dream about her spouse.

If sleep from Sunday to Monday broadcasts of poor prospects, you need to help him to not come true.For this purpose, in contrast to the dream at the weekend that, on the contrary, you need to tell everybody to dispel, after a night of the week you need to start as long as possible to conceal the event of a vision.Also assistant in dispelling such a dream will make running water.To do this, hold it in her hand and as she proceeds to tell her to sleep in a whisper that he was carried away with the flow.