Can sleep on Thursday comes true?

Interestingly, almost all the people who inhabit the planet, are convinced that the dream to come true on Thursday.People, regardless of each other, came up with (or noticed) that the images created by the brain a rest at this time, are prophetic.Is it possible to explain this fact?Why

Friday prophetic dreams?

is believed that the last day - the day of Venus.That is the night person is more inclined to live feelings, not reason.Esoteric it explain the reality of dreams, dreamed on Thursday.The fact that the senses reveal what the mind for a long time can slip away.Man upset about a particular problem, uncomfortable soul, but your thoughts tend to divert it away from the solution as the solution itself does not see.The magical night when the feelings come to the fore, and the analysis of secondary importance, there is a revolution, "upside down" all the problems.Dream on Thursday comes true because dictated directly from the subconscious, which is known to be more visible.We can say that this is the only night of the higher consciousness is allowed to enter the brain and create there the prediction of "directly" without hints.

How to unravel the dream?

Mostly dreams at this time lifted straight, that is, the event you see it in the form in which it should occur.But not always.Sometimes sleep on Thursday comes true vice versa.That is, the vision has the opposite meaning.How do you know what your dream means?It is better to refer to the dream book.We recommend to pay attention to the overall impression.Dark disturbing dreams that night are predicting the same event.The joy of what he saw (regardless of the image) indicates that the unrest in vain, all will be well!Of particular importance is the time when the image came to see you.Night vision foreshadow events not so soon.But sleep Friday morning talking about what happens literally next week.

ritual zagadyvaniyu sleep

those who are not inclined to believe in the night visions, suggested to experience the effect of the night hex.Laying in bed on Thursday, said: "From Thursday to Friday pravditsu want to see!" Waking up, do know, whether dreams come true.On Friday morning, write down all the images that you have visited at night (for the purity of the experiment).Then keep track of events.Introductions will see the 'direct' dreams.Waiting for the predicted events will not be too long.Approximately a month later the experiment can be considered complete!

What if a bad dream?

Since sleep on Thursday necessarily come true, then you need to monitor it carefully.It is desirable, if the night will bring you negative prediction.Of course, the one who warned ... and so on.But do not want to spoil her life negative events.Grandmothers are advised to tell their nightmare running water before noon, so she washed away the negative.Do you want to - believe it or - check.But after this "revelation" events predicted sleep, can go for a softer scenario.Besides magic rituals, and it is good to take care of the realities.Once the subconscious saw fit to give you an unpleasant information, then there is reason to think about whether you act, worthy of any decisions are made.Take a hint, maybe all is not lost!