Hourly wage: pros and cons

Currently, wages may be in various forms.In the West, and more recently, Russia, is becoming more popular hourly wage.However, the question arises whether such a payment is optimal and what it has more advantages or disadvantages?Let's try to find out.

In many companies today, dominated by tariff-free payment system, which means that the employee's salary does not depend on its achievements and the achievements of the entire company, and on the amount of the salary fund.The tariff system, by contrast, implies taking into account the results of each individual employee, the scope of work performed by him and the amount of time he worked.This tariff payment system includes time-based, piecework and mixed forms.

hourly wage is the case of time-based forms and is used when a specific work hard to normalize.Of course, you can count the number of some "handmade product" made in an hour, but at the same time is almost impossible to estimate the hourly job teacher or doctor.

This hourly rate may be plain

or with the addition of bonuses.Easy payment implies a certain cost of one hour of work.This result plays a very important role, and the quality is a secondary objective.If we take into account the quality and quantity, to the hourly rate can be added to the premium, the amount of which is determined in advance.Salaries hourly may be accompanied by specific normalized task.In this case, a clear task for the worker receives an extra charge.

As a rule, the tariff rate is calculated based on the statutory minimum wage.In addition, the rate also affects the number of hours spent at work.Typically, more than the minimum wage rate, as taken into account the complexity of the work, skills, personnel and other aspects.Note that below the minimum wage rate should not be.

hourly wage is considered to be very reasonable for the employer due to a number of reasons.The fact is that the working hours are equally valued and has a certain duration.This fact allows you to accurately calculate the maximum amount of money earned if the employee suddenly absent from the workplace or absented himself for an hour or two.In addition, this payment gives the opportunity to head clear to pay the work of people who do not work full-time, part-time or a particularly flexible schedule."Pochasovka" saves money because employees are only for the time that they actually spent at work.

Naturally, hourly wage has its drawbacks.The first - the complexity of the calculation, the strict control of time of each worker.The second - the inefficiency without payment of premiums.The third - the need for hiring a controller that will monitor the work and that, too, need to pay something.

As for employees and benefits hourly wage for them, there are several points of view.If a person wants to find a part time job or part-time, hourly pay him, of course, will come up.It often occurs hourly wage teachers working day which can not be accurately normalized.Usually nannies are paid hourly, cleaners, waiters, tutors, cooks, bartenders, couriers, as the workload is not uniform.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of unscrupulous employers, which set the bar too high for employees and give a large amount of work for an hour.As they say, time on time is not necessary, therefore, to understand the advantages and disadvantages should be in place.The decision as to correspond to your hourly wage should depend on the type of employment, working hours and the policy of a particular employer for his enterprise.