What is needed for maintenance?

Current rules of inspection laid down in the law, which came into force in 2012.However, a year later we were motorists who are unfamiliar with these rules.If you want to know what is needed for maintenance and how to go without a headache - please read the contact materials.

rules of inspection 2012 greatly simplified the procedure.One of the most significant innovations is the ability to be inspected the technical condition of the vehicle at any point inspection of the country, regardless of the place of registration of the car.So now, if the necessity of inspection found you away from home, you will not have to trudge across the country: enough to find the nearest location.

In addition, expanded the list of items of inspection.At the moment, the procedure executes the inspection of traffic police, government offices, which managed to conclude an agreement on holding a new inspection before the law, as well as private entities - commercial operators.E. Now before you ask, that is necessary for inspection, motorists need to first select any of his favorite items are located nearby.

Earlier inspection information stored only in paper form, but now all the operators are connected to a single electronic database, which contains information on every car, held this procedure.The list of this information consists of the following items:

1) The make and model of the car, VIN and chassis number;

2) the full name and details of the passport (or other identity documents) of the person to take the vehicle;

3) the address of the item;

4) number, expiration date and date of the coupon or voucher itself in electronic form;

5) The electronic version of the diagnostic card;

6) the full name of the expert who issued the ticket.

Moreover, information is entered into the database almost immediately (during the day).This means that if the car owner could not be examined at one point due to a malfunction, and decided to go in another (less vigilant workers), he did not come.If the second paragraph will not notice the fault, there will learn about it from an electronic database.

Another nice new feature is the reduction of the list of documents required for inspection.Thus, in accordance with the regulations the following documents are required to undergo inspection:

1) passport or other documents proving your identity (for a representative of the owner of the car and requires more power of attorney);

2) a certificate of registration or a car (if the car is not registered) PTS.

For motorists who are traveling, it means that they will always be in the desired set of documents.

Time of inspection is also regulated by legislation and all necessary information can be found on the Internet, so you do not have to worry and think that it is necessary for the inspection.For different categories of vehicles, it is from 10 to 68 minutes.In particular, for passenger cars category B - 30 minutes.

new law has changed and the order of CTP insurance policy: if earlier it had to get before you pass inspection, but now it is issued after receipt of the coupon.The innovation is quite logical - before insure the car, it is necessary to ensure good repair.

repetition procedure is paid.Therefore, before you ask, that is needed for maintenance, be sure of serviceability of the car.If you can not pass inspection the first time, the second time is better to come to the same point.In this case the examination will be subject to only those parts that have been "rejected" in the first procedure.In the other section will have to take place all over again and, therefore, pay more.

Good luck on the road and do not tighten vehicle inspection!