The act of transfer of documents - when and why it is needed

conclusion of any transaction requires documentation.In addition to drawing up the necessary documents are often required to transmit the official papers from one person or entity to another.Such a transfer is legally required procedure and requires written form.Documentary evidence of past events is the act of transferring the documents drawn up by a particular form and signed by all parties.

Such an act legally valid only if drawn up in accordance with the rules of proceedings and the availability of all necessary signatures.Common bank or unified form for all cases there is as a situation requiring the transmission of documents, are very diverse.Therefore the form of the document in each situation has its own.

In general, the document is composed of three compulsory parts.The first part, immediately after the title "The act of reception and transmission of documents" (sample, usually a for each type of document), date and place of preparation, contains details of the transmitting and receiving sides.For individuals, it is the name and passport details for the organizations - the full name and details of Representatives.If the documents are transmitted between different parts of an organization, you need to specify the name of the structural units (transmitter and receiver) as well as the names of representatives.

The second part contains the actual act of transferring a list of transmitted documents indicating the serial number and registration data recorded in the accounting process.The most convenient way to issue such a list in table form.

The last part of the act should be specified number of copies and drawn the signatures of the parties.For the representatives of the organizations next to the signature you must specify the position and lead full name.The act must also necessarily be stamped organization.

In the case of transmission of documents is particularly important act of transfer is made by a special commission created by order of the head.In this case, mandatory given signature names and positions of all members of the commission.

Contact transmission of documents is possible only by special request a standard form listing the documents presented.If part of the document is lost, it should also be reflected in the application.

In some cases, the act of transmission should be drawn?The personnel document the transfer of documents from one person to another is carried out in case of leaving on vacation, dismissal, transfer to another department.In addition, the act is made upon delivery of documents to the archive for storage or destruction.All the necessary information about the movement of documents is reflected in a special journal or folder.The act of transmitting and receiving the documents must contain the full list of them, regardless of the number of pages or volumes.

for legal literacy and correctness of the act of transfer personnel service organizations should have a list of the necessary regulatory documents.The required documents include the provision of personnel service on remuneration, internal regulations, the employment contract, staffing, orders on staff, schedules vacations, personal cards of workers and their employment records, statements of workers on leave and the dismissal of a number of others.

particularly important process - send and receive work books, in case of loss which the recovery process is associated with considerable difficulties.Also important document is a ledger of labor books, containing the signatures of both employees and laid-off.The transfer of labor books recommended in a separate annex to the act indicating the series and number of each book, including unclaimed.

In some cases, provides for the transfer of copies of documents, mostly related to secret or documents of title or documents of strict accountability.

In case of loss of certain documents and the issue arises in this regard the act reception and transmission is the main legal basis for dispute resolution.Therefore, it is important to its proper design, it is better if it will be a specialist with experience in working with documents.