How old passport and change what needs to be exchanged?

Russian law says that the passport - the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation.Moreover, obtaining a Russian passport is the duty of every citizen of the Russian Federation.But people change, with it must change and passport.Thus, the state reserves the ability to identify the personality of its citizens, regardless of age-related changes.

In what situations, and how many years of my passport?Try to understand.Cases where there is a need to replace a passport, can be divided into two groups.The first group - routine, that is understood, that man replaces his document in connection with the achievement of a certain age.According to the legislation, it is necessary to change the documents to 20 and to 45 years of life.The second group assumes that the exchange of passports called necessity.It is possible that your documents are erroneous data, you have damaged his passport and he became unfit or you for some reason decided to change the name.In all these cases you will need to apply to the Federal Migration Service.

No matter how many years of my passport, and for whatever reason, there is a certain set of requirements for the collection of documents necessary for the exchange.You can carefully study the "Regulations on the passport of the Russian Federation", and can simply be turned to OFMS for clarification.Employees of the passport are required to tell you what documents are needed for a passport.

for planned replacement require your previous passport, two photos, a receipt from the bank confirming the payment of state fees and, of course, a statement.Throughout the 10 days after treatment you can be the proud owner of a new document.The main thing is not to forget how many years of my passport, and to do so in a timely manner, no later than one month after birth.Otherwise, you will face a lot of trouble in the form of fines and the various restrictions on rights.And how else, after a month after reaching above the age of your document is void.

little more complicated is when an unscheduled replacement passport.In addition to the specified set of documents you need to submit an additional package in OFMS confirming your right to a replacement passport.This can be a marriage certificate, a statement of change of name a new one.If your passport is broken, from you may require additional documentary evidence required to put the various marks on the pages of the passport (certificate of birth of your children, residence registration, military ID).But the collection of these documents will cause much less trouble than living on Russian territory without a passport.

OFMS served in all the required documents, you are, by the way, can exercise their right to obtain a temporary license, which, if necessary, confirm that you are a law-abiding member of society, and lack of basic document called respectable cause.Issuing a "makeshift" will not cost you a penny, while avoiding potential trouble.

also want to learn about service in the official portal of services.There you can find out exactly how many years of my passport, what are the requirements for the exchange, what is the size of the state fee.You can also apply for a passport and the exchange of pre-decide when it is best to come in OFMS for the procedure.However, it is unwise to use this service if you have not been registered there as a confirmation of the registration takes is a long period of time, and you just might miss the allotted time for a replacement document.

If workers FMS refuse to have the documents on the exchange, delayed timing of issue, if you incorrectly issued the document or you have requirements not covered by the law, you can file a complaint with the public reception of the official website of the Federal Migration Service or the telephone numberibid.