Prolongation of a treaty

Agreement - an agreement signed by two or more persons, which establishes the amendment and termination of the rights or duties outlined by the Civil Code.It shall be valid until the date specified in it, when both parties to fulfill all their stated commitments.Terms defined in the agreement signed by developed and agreed by all parties, if their performance is not at odds with the current legislation.It is freedom of contract.

In the case where the regulations relating to the legal relationship established by certain provisions, including the date of termination of the agreement, the parties should not be broken.Only when all the clauses negotiated and approved by the signatures, it is concluded.The legislation defines the articles of agreement that are considered essential.These include:

- subject of the contract;

- conditions stipulated by legislative acts;

- basic conditions, which emphasizes one of the parties.

As seen from the above, the law does not consider a compulsory component of the contract expiration date.However, there are exceptions when the date specified in the agreement relates to the mandatory terms of one of its sides.There are also certain types of contracts, the validity of which is regulated by law.Examples include the lease.They can not be concluded for a period exceeding the one specified in the legislation.

extension of the contract or its extension is carried out by mutual agreement.This procedure can also be carried out according to the law.For example, the extension of the contract for the supply of energy, which was concluded for a definite period, is carried out automatically on the same terms.This is possible if none of the signatories did not make a statement about its termination, on making certain changes, or offer to present the agreement as amended.Extension of the contract, so can be carried out repeatedly.

If the terms on which we can conclude obligations are governed by the legislative acts, the actions of the parties should be somewhat different.For example, the extension of the lease agreement is likely only in the limits established by legislation.If the term of the agreement was not originally installed, but during his action, none of the signatories have not declared the termination of the relationship, it becomes null and void at the end of the limit period of time.

Extension of the lease agreement - is the most welcome occurring when originally stipulated period is the time period of less than one year.Such obligations do not require registration in the state bodies.In this connection, in order to produce extra waste of time and money, made contract renewal.

Sometimes when signing a lease obligation of the property, the parties initially include a clause for their continuation.However, this contradicts the legislation and the essence of this agreement, which is urgent.At the same time, the Civil Code contains a provision to renew the commitments for an indefinite period in the case where the landlord has nothing against the use of the property, and the tenant ceases to own them.

Thus, to extend the contract for another term can only be by agreement signatories and the time period, which is not prohibited by law.To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to make an exchange of letters.You can specify the conditions for the extension of the contract in one of his points at the signing.Terms extension agreement with the parties participating.