If the child to be baptized - that is necessary for this?

sacrament of baptism - a sacred rite, held in the Orthodox church.The need arises from believing parents who want to give their child a guardian angel that will guard and protect his client from harm.And it is important to carry out not only the rite, but also preparing for it.Consider how to conduct the baptism of the child, you need to do and how parents should behave.

Choosing godparents

The first thing is the choice of godparents.This is a very important step, which is necessary to prepare thoroughly.Invite responsible for such things barely familiar people is not recommended, and friends will not always be able to fulfill its mission.Preference is to give families - it can be brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and others.You must only comply with one rule that established the Lord himself - godparents can not become spouses and couples.Recipients after the sacrament of baptism should not enter into an intimate relationship.

catechetical conversation

recently introduced a new rule before the ceremony.It lies in the fact that the godparents must undergo catechetical conversation.Some churches have organized three meetings, the other - one.In conversations are told duties of godparents, the need ritual.Upon completion of the lectures are given a special card, which later carried the child baptized.What you need for catechetical talks - is to register in any church free to listen to interesting and useful information.

Things for baby

On the day of the baptism of the child's parents must have a clean, white towel is desirable, christening sets and pectoral cross.The last two things, according to tradition, should buy the recipients.For an ordinary boy's suit jacket, consecrated in the Church, and for girls - dress.Must be a cap.The baptismal set of baby clothes after washing in the font.In addition to a need to take extra clothes, diapers, pacifier and a bottle of water or milk.

Conducting baptism

When is the baptism of a child that is needed - is to remain calm.Very often, children start crying during the ritual that is considered normal.In some cases, it allowed the mother to keep the baby itself, if it is severely screams.The baptism of the child is about 40 minutes.

the ritual is to read the prayers and dedication of a baby in a Christian.From now on, with him will always be a guardian angel, and God will be able to see it and to comply with requests.Godparents, in turn, will have a lifetime to help his godson and teach his prayers.Now they - the second mom and dad, who, if necessary, have to take the baby's upbringing.A child should love and respect them as his real parents.

more information on how much time is spent baptism of a child, what to bring and how to get catechetical conversation, to be recognized in the church.There you can buy a cross and clothes for the baby.