Is it possible to use hydrogen peroxide for weight loss?

effort to lose weight in that no matter what, women sometimes use rather strange means.One such is hydrogen peroxide.For weight loss easy and affordable drug began to use recently.This tool has a terrific effect on the body, it helps to burn fat at the expense of oxygen and revitalizes internal organs, neutralizing all bacteria.Today we'll talk about how to use a reasonably oral hydrogen peroxide.Weight loss can be applied only after weighing all the pros and cons of what we are going to do today.

roots of this method

who suggested the use of oral hydrogen peroxide?For weight loss, it began to be used after in the famous magazine article appeared professor who suggested to use peroxide inside to prevent and treat a variety of diseases.They included, and obesity.Readers attracted availability of this method, and soon he developed his fans.Besides the effect of reducing the weight of a famous scientist spoke about the serious health-improving effect, and the unlimited duration of the reception, the longer you drink means the more chances to achieve a perfect result and maintain it.In the original article said about the possibility of receiving life.

Alternative Medicine

As is known, such methods people are turning or when the problem is too serious, to go with her to the doctor, or if doctors already can not do anything.But sometimes among alternative treatments there are real diamonds, it concerns a tool such as hydrogen peroxide.For weight loss and treatment of many diseases, it is actively offered for use, and patient testimonials have already tried this method say that the effect exceeds all expectations.It should be noted that the official investigations so far have been conducted, therefore the clinical efficacy of the method has not been confirmed.You will have at your own risk and use hydrogen peroxide.Use of inside associated with some risk, so you should be sure to consult with a nutritionist.

Hydrogen peroxide slimming

First you need to understand what this substance is.It should be noted that the peroxide is used in medicine for a long time, but the range of its application - is external treatment of various wounds.The effect is achieved due to the fact that oxygen is antiseptic, when in contact with the bacterium destroys harmful micro-organisms and substances depleting the very molecule.We are now interested in a somewhat different spectrum of action, which has become famous today hydrogen peroxide.The use of this substance inside - a fairly new method of weight loss.How does this tool?The theory of its effectiveness is based on the same principles as the Bodyflex.The oxygen entering the body, contributes to weight loss.So says the author of this method, IP Neumyvakin.

How to make hydrogen peroxide

you need to buy in the drugstore usual three percent peroxide.Take it three times a day, with the need to respect the rule of thumb.Diet should be built in accordance with the course of treatment, the drug must be done within 2 hours after a meal.The first method is carried out after breakfast, the second - after lunch, the third - after lunch, before dinner.Dosage should be monitored very carefully, it is better to conduct a notebook and record the results.Post should receive a one drop at a time, that is, with 3 drops per day.On the second day it is necessary to use already 2 drops at a time, so gradually bringing a dose of up to 10 or 30 drops per day.After that, take a break for 3 days and begin to slowly reduce the dosage back to 1 drop.

Course duration is not limited, adherents of alternative medicine recommend to use this tool almost all his life.Now that you know how to make hydrogen peroxide, it is to figure out whether to do it.The method has plenty of contraindications, which can not be ignored.

Chemical formula

In order to present the mechanism of effects on the body, you should know the formula peroxide.It is quite simple, but a lot can be said about the nature of the substance.This H2O2, in contact with any organic matter decomposes into atomic oxygen and water.It is this fact and provides an early splitting of internal fat.Furthermore, peroxide helps to reduce the absorption of fat from the food consumed.

Side effects and contraindications

Before we talk about how drinking hydrogen peroxide for weight loss, you need to tell us more about its impact on the body.This caustic alkali, which has a detrimental effect, especially on mucous membranes.Just a few drops, once in the mouth, esophagus and cause a burn epithelium of the larynx.Often, laryngeal edema can occur.The result of this weight loss are nausea and abdominal pain, vomiting, and even internal bleeding.That is why the need to adhere strictly to the regimen, as well as to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.


Doctors do not recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide for weight loss.Reviews therapists say that after this course is not to avoid complications and, therefore, have to undergo a long period of rehabilitation.Results are not such victims, it is much better to just cut the intake of fatty and fried, to give up sweets.If you came up with the idea of ​​drinking hydrogen peroxide, then just go to the doctor.He will tell you about all the implications in detail, and you can avoid big mistakes.Remember that health is priceless, and diet have more humane methods.