How many weathered beer.

With the onset of hot summer, more people are tempted to drink a glass or two of beer ice, which is so perfectly quenches thirst on a hot afternoon.On the other hand, beer, even if soft drinks, has one serious drawback.His peculiar smell is able to immediately make it clear to others that you have been drinking alcohol recently.But if by the smell itself is still possible to get rid of, it is much harder to hide degrees.Therefore, it is urgent for the lovers of this drink is the issue - and how many weathered beer?

even more important this issue becomes in the light of a complete ban on the use of even small amounts of alcohol by drivers.But a rare person on vacation or a weekend deny myself the pleasure to have a few drinks with friends.But what if then you have to get behind the wheel?For motorists, as for anyone else, it is important to know exactly how much beer disappears.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is mathematically impossible, since it depends on many factors.Relevance to how much disappears beer and snacks are, and receive medications before, and weight of the person, as well as his age.

But, despite this, some average figures can still be called.

young males weighing 75-80 kg half-liter bottle of beer evaporate within two hours.To calculate how many people have weathered beer from other weight categories, the coefficients can be used.So, people who weigh 45 to 60 kg of the figure of two hours is multiplied by 0.53 to get your "threshold weathering."For the weight category of 60 to 85 ratio was 0.77.Since all the data are calculated on the male body, women should add to these figures at least half an hour.

But it is worth to mention that this is not the end result, how many beer disappears.In a big way, this period will shift if the alcohol, even in small quantities, to be drunk on an empty stomach, and if immediately before or immediately after taking the thirst forced to drink soda.The bubbles in it will increase the area of ‚Äč‚Äčabsorption in the stomach several times and the rapid erosion count will not have to.

It should make a reservation that these figures do not refer to the possibility of once again get behind the wheel.Even if there was only drunk a bottle of beer and it was already 3:00, sensitive enough to capture the remnants of alcohol testers are capable of alcohol in the blood, and the problems in the case of a meeting with representatives of the valiant traffic police in this case can not be avoided.

So even calculate exactly how many beers it disappears in your body, do not get behind the wheel even after a liter of beer, if after the end of libations has not passed at least 15 hours.After all, according to medical research, even such a small concentration of alcohol in the body greatly reduces the driver's ability to see what is happening around him, as the viewing angle is reduced in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed.And the volume of beer drunk in excess of 2.5 liters, completely deprives a person of the ability to manage not only the car, but even a scooter or bicycle.

course, accelerate the weathering of the body of a beer can with special products, for example, glycine, or succinic acid.Last accelerates metabolism, and alcohol begins to be processed faster.Will even a simple activated carbon and any other absorbent materials that can quickly remove toxins, came to us with drunk beer.

But in any case, to talk about the complete disappearance of traces of alcohol from the blood can be no earlier than 5-6 hours.