How to choose a children's blades for swimming.

Blades for swimming from one year to become one of the most essential tools for swimmers who need to improve the technology, the development of endurance, strength and speed increase results.Proper use of such equipment enables a faster pace to develop muscle memory and hone a wide range of other useful skills.

Operating principle

Action irreplaceable simulator such as blades for swimming, is quite simple.The focus here is carried out to increase the area of ​​the palm.The result is a more efficient execution of strokes that can accelerate the production of the correct technique.Subsequently, the athlete becomes much easier to swim correctly without blades, thanks to the development of appropriate muscle memory.

blades often used for swimming along with the so-called Kolobash- kin, who are locking leg.The combination of these types of training equipment gives you the opportunity to focus on the arm stroke.To accelerate the development of determining the swimming muscle groups of the blade can be used in addition to inhibiting the movement of the elements.


choosing a suitable form of the blades, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the rectangular products can significantly increase the performance of resistance, due to its bluff shape.A more convenient option for the average user can become a model, repeating the shape of the palm.In turn, products with protrusions increase the amount of water during the capture of the stroke.The presence of holes in the blades to swim contributes to the overall reduction in workload.

Development proper swimming technique

As noted above, the blades are able to increase the area of ​​the palms when the strokes.To experience the difference between the technically correct execution of movements and wrong, swimmers originally recommended to use blades without fixing clamps on his wrists.When joining hands in the water under the verified angle blade, fixed only on the finger will remain on hand.If you use the wrong product technology will jump and hang out with his hands.

To develop muscle memory is enough to use adult or children's swimming blades over time, which is about 25% of the duration of the workout.Too frequent use of blades with no control by the specialist gives rise to small inaccuracies, errors in the technique of the stroke.

Strength training

Progress in augmenting security features will be observed only in the performance of the athlete correct strokes that match the selected style swimming.In this case, the selection is also suitable models blades.

Classes using incorrect technique can not only impact on improving the necessary indicators, but also cause injury to the elbow or shoulder joints.

Train sprint qualities

To improve the speed performance of the blade used for swimming along with tools that can improve the resistance to movement: parachutes, "brakes" rubber pads.It also can be used to increase traction equipment such as fins.

availability of suitable blades allows a speed equal to the maximum, which is demonstrated by the athletes during major events, and even above.Particular attention is paid to the implementation of strokes with a high frequency, which contributes to the progress of the athlete.

Types blades for swimming

Today, sports shops are able to offer a wide range of specialized swimmers blades for swimming, from anatomical models calibrated form and finishing rectangular and tapered specific products.To understand in a variety of individual types of sports equipment, you need to pay attention to following its variants:

  1. Classic model - are among the most used in swimming.It differs rectangular shape, which increases resistance when moving hands in the water column and hence increase speed.
  2. Products anatomical shape - it provides maximum comfort thanks to the perfect grip with the palm.They are used in training to develop strength, speed qualities and testing navigation equipment.
  3. blades for fingers - can provide increased load on the tendons of the fingers.Contribute to stretch and strengthen the small muscles in the hand and fingers.
  4. Paddles Fulcrum - the application is aimed at preventing injuries elbow and shoulder joints.The main advantage is to move the force vector on the wrist, thus reducing the stress on the upper area of ​​the forearm.
  5. Blades Swimming Speedo Swimfoil - designed specifically for professional athletes who want to hone their own grebkovyh technique to perfection.Allows to increase lift the athlete, which is created when carpal movements.Paddles Speedo swim often fly from the hands of the athletes during the first workout as practically fixed on the palm.However, this problem disappears in the process of working out the technical skills.
  6. Blades-eight swimming - have two closed loops.One circuit is worn on the fingers, and the other is placed on the forearm.During the voyage in such blades need to retain the right forearm and wrist in a certain position.Such models are mainly used when the need to improve swimming techniques crawl on the back or chest.
  7. models in the form of gloves - give a small increase in speed.Used mainly by amateur swimmers.Regular use can significantly worsen stroke technique.

More - not always better

bulk swimmers prefer large area blades.In fact, the large area of ​​the blade for swimming Mad Wave and similar equipment of other popular manufacturers are being developed for all-rounders, which swimming is not determinative views.

resorting to buying large blades, non-professional athletes rely on the possibility of applying maximum force for the development of high speed.The more surface area of ​​the blades, the more repulsion.

At the same time, using the largest blades for swimming Arena, the other brands of similar products, is much harder to perform the movement, following the proper technique of strokes.Plus significantly increases the probability of obtaining accidental injuries.

Useful tips

There are a number of recommendations, following which contributes to more efficient and rational use of blades for swimming.Particular attention diving lovers should focus on the following:

  • blades should choose a size that is only slightly larger than the palm of the parameters;
  • best in terms of working out the correct technique is the option of using blades with no attachment to the wrist with their retention only on the finger;
  • work motion with blades should be carefully, slowly, but gradually increasing speed and increasing the amount of training;
  • do not use the blades if there feeling tired;
  • focus during class should focus on working out technical skills, moving into the background increasing power and speed qualities;
  • avoid injury blades used for navigation "Sportmaster" and any other common product is recommended only after a good workout.