How to align the floor?

When you start to make repairs to the house or apartment, pay special attention to the floor.Ideally, it should be smooth, without cracks and holes.On such a surface can be safely laid parquet or floorboard.But it does not always work.Sometimes tenants are faced with the need to align the floor in front of repair.And if you think that the process has a purely aesthetic function, you are deeply mistaken.It is easy to imagine how it would have stood furniture, and what form would flooring or laminate.In this article you will learn how to align the floor with their hands.

How to identify irregularities

To see a flat floor or not, the human eye will not be enough.The most effective way to determine the roughness - is the use of building level, and even better - laser (it was he up to 0.01 millimeter deviation determines the surface).You can also use a proven old-fashioned way - pull the thread.But here we must be very careful, because even the slightest inaccuracy can greatly affect the future state of finishing materials (laminate, and so on).

How leveling floors?The process of preparing the surface

None of the construction process is not without preparation.Thus in our case.So, in order to align the concrete foundation thoroughly, you need to clean the entire surface of unnecessary items (dust, stains and paints).Also, do not forget about the cracks.If they are, before leveling them definitely need repaired, otherwise it will lead to the flow of material.

How leveling floors?The main stage

After our surface prepared for repair, it is safe to start construction work.The next step is to install all beacons, the height of which we will continue to pour concrete on the floor of the curve.The best option will serve as beacons gypsum boards, which can be found in any local store.Why choose just the drywall?The secret of this material lies in its perfectly flat surface that will contribute the most accurate measurements.After purchase of such sheets need to lay them around the perimeter of the surface so that the distance therebetween is not less than 50 and not more than 80 centimeters.The main thing to consider - the correctness of their position.That is drywall should be placed so that it is 100 per cent match in terms of alignment, or after pouring the concrete floor will remain crooked.In order to check the accuracy of the location, you can use the usual plywood board (as long as it was not deformed), together with the building level.Then fasten all screws and proceed to fill.

How leveling floors?The final process

Getting to the final step, using floor leveling compounds.In the attached guide pour cement with sand, pre-mixing them together.Everything must be done very carefully and evenly.Once the concrete is dry, you can safely proceed to the laying of flooring.Now that you know how to align the floors in the apartment.