Company Names: examples.

If you decide to create their firm, with particular attention to its name.Because, as they say, how do you call a boat, so it will float, at this point must be approached very responsibly and carefully.Our article will help you understand this question and come up with the best name of his enterprise.

importance of choosing the name of the company

Nobody counted the existing approaches to the selection of titles LLC.Examples in this respect the most diverse, and rather difficult to determine which approach is most effective.Many enterprises do not focus completely on the title.On the world market, you can find a lot of companies that have the most ordinary name, but it managed to win credibility and high competitiveness.

for the initial establishment of the firm, many still looking for the answer to the question of how to choose a name for the company.Some marketers are advised to rely on the activities of the company.There are other general advice on choice of company name.

Marketing Research Marketing research have a significant impact on the approach to how to choose a name for the company.They should be carried out to determine their target audience.Market research with the help of marketing tools will help you to get a reference point to Fight branding.These studies represent an analysis of key competitors as well as consumers, which focuses on your company.Suppose you are planning the opening of an expensive boutique.Accordingly, it will be for rich people, so do not choose the name of the company for the company, which contains the words "at least", "lowest price" and so on.

If your company plans to deal with the issue of children's food, you need to pick a name that will be appropriate for children.A good example of the global market can be considered a firm "Agusha" and "Tot".Their names clearly indicate that the product is aimed at children.

use of names in the titles

Today, very often you can find the name of the company such as Ltd. "Petrenko."It says only that the company was named after the owner, but no more than that.People who tend to call us his name, are incorrect and inappropriate.Such an approach can only amuse the vanity of the owner of the company.

names using the names of the children's favorite animal nicknames or just names can not say anything about the company.They do not remember.On a par with their competitors a company with the same name will simply be lost and will not be able to attract potential customers.In addition, such companies in the future will be more difficult to sell.It is even possible, such that clients, referring to the banal association may refuse to cooperate with you, as among their friends can find people with the same name (the name, nickname) and a bad attitude.

memorable name

Your company name should be necessarily memorable, so should be treated very carefully to the selection of titles LLC.Examples of such interesting and profitable names can now be found in large numbers.It sports companies, supermarkets and other firms, whose names clearly speak about their activities and thus easy to remember.

can use some tricks to get interesting and simple name LLC.Invent it is not as difficult as it may seem.To do this, choose the good phrase that ordinary people can be easy to remember and use in your lexicon.This, in turn, has a good advertisement of your company, because in a hurry people recommend exactly the shops and cafes whose names are remembered, because sophisticated brands so quickly to mind.

Comfort and occupation of the company

Comfort and customer interest play a very important role in the company.Your name must also nurture the interest of buyers.Experienced marketers and visionary businessmen still manage to come up with such names LLC.Examples we see daily showcases popular shops, cafes, beauty salons, etc.Even the most ordinary restaurant can be called so that the legs themselves will lead the customer inside.For example, take at least banal title "Visiting Fairy Tales" for children's cafe: it will have an interest of both parents and their kids.

not forget the way their activities as a potential customer will just let you in the list of companies.Your name must be at least a hint of what you are doing.For example, for construction companies often used the prefix "Story", for refueling - "Gas" and so on.

Prohibited names for the company

In all countries, there are some legal restrictions on the company name for the company.With regard to the Russian ban on the use of words such as "Russia", "Moscow" and other proper names for the title company.Examples can be found in the relevant laws of the Russian Federation.Under the ban are not only the city but the region and the regions of Russia.It should be noted that these regulations have in almost all countries, so when you select the name of your company, these words should be deleted immediately.

also not be used for your company's existing name, even if that means you change one or more letters.This practice has existed for many years, but none of the firms with such a name stolen and have not succeeded.As a rule, they lasted only a few years, for which he earned a reputation as thieves, and no more.Do not repeat such mistakes and come to the choice of the name of his company as responsible as to the selection of a name for the child.

most effective methods of choosing a name

As already mentioned, the name of the company should be individualized, memorable and easy to understand.There are several effective ways to help you choose the single best name.One of the best is the method of selection of words.Its meaning is that you combine some of the words (of the words) and get no one previously used name.An example is the Pepsi company, whose name consists of the name and surname of the owner, or rather, of the first syllable (Pe, Psi).

rhythm method is the repetition of simple and short words, such as Coca-Cola.These names are easy to remember, and they literally eats into our brain and memory.

can use the word, the meaning of which is laid an element of excellence, for the title company.List of companies such colossal, for example: Burger King - is not just a snack, and the royal!

Do not forget about the method of imitation, the meaning of which is the name as it passes the properties of the goods.For example, the aforementioned "Agusha" - a child's first words, so clear: the company manufactures products for children.

can also use humorous titles such as "small adults" or "Mullet with beer."They accurately remembered client and in his subconscious will automatically receive a positive assessment.