The popular low-carb diet: the menu for the week

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Back in the 70s of last century, Americans have become panicky afraid of carbohydrates, considering them guilty in all the extra pounds.In post-Soviet countries as povalny rejection of cereals, bread and pasta to lose weight it started only in the 90s.But completely avoid eating carbohydrates should not be - because you are depriving themselves the source of many vitamins and minerals.

approach to the issue of weight loss is necessary to mind: you can not just give up certain foods or even stop eating.The body needs to receive adequate nutrition to function properly.But if you want to quickly get rid of a couple of extra kilos, the low-carb diet, a menu for the week which includes a variety of foods will help you lose weight.But you will not go hungry.

There are several dining options with a low content of these compounds: in the diet can be from 20 to '60 Such a low-carb diet, a menu for the week in which you need to be sure, help you lose up to 2 kilogramsfor seven days.However, even if you choose a less rigid version of it, your food will still be far from balanced.The diet will be dominated by whites, which can harm the weakened kidneys, liver and digestive tract in general.

Before you try to imagine how the low-carb diet, make a menu for the week, it is better to consult a doctor, and visit not only need a nutritionist, and a qualified therapist.After an overall assessment of the state of health he can say whether you can carry out on his body, such experiments.

Despite a number of rave reviews from those who are willing to drop those extra kilos at any cost, many do not forget to mention the fact that as a result of the power breakdown occurs, there is a peculiar smell from the mouth.People who have certain problems with the digestive tract, can not sustain such a protein load.Low-carb diet for a week, may not entail serious consequences, but you should not expect from her mind-blowing results.But the change of power for a longer period can cause constipation or, conversely, diarrhea caused by kidney problems.

Deciding to try to imagine what the low-carb diet, a menu for the week be better with an experienced consultant.The fact that a sharp change of power may not provide the desired result.To reduce the amount of carbohydrates should be gradually.This will help the body to gently adapt to change, and the weight starts to go faster.Return to a normal diet must also be gradually increasing the amount of carbohydrates is not more than 10 grams per week.

If you want to lose weight quickly and it seems that for these purposes best low-carb diet, a table showing the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie content of different products will be indispensable.With it you will be able to gain a menu based on your preferences.But do not forget that eat fruits and cereals, albeit in limited quantities, it is still necessary.