Cord linen: main features and specifications

linen cord - a wickerwork.It is obtained by combining several filaments into strands, which are then twisted into a rope.It is made of coarse flax fiber and is used in packaging, industrial and construction purposes, as well as transport.Products of this kind was popular for centuries because of its low cost, combined with high strength, sufficient friction, low elongation and low electrified.Recently, the material began to appreciate and interesting decorative features.

Due to the absence of static electricity linen cord has been successfully applied for work with flammable or explosive cargo.When burned, it does not emit harmful components, it can be used to create rescue funds.Furthermore, cord is light enough, which increases the convenience of its use.Especially popular are products of this kind have been sailors of past centuries, as long as they did not come to replace the sea anchors and chains for plastics tooling courts.

linen cord as a product based on natural raw materials, affected by the external environment.But this does not prevent its use in the construction of log cabins decorative seams (instead of the tow) or internal design elements premises.To increase the life of this case apply this eco-friendly product, as linseed oil, which is impregnated with the product.Sometimes the ropes used by designers to create crafts and jewelry.For example, thin cords can be seen as a basis for jewelry made of natural materials.Thick also suitable for braiding.

rope production is regulated by several guests, including №1765-89 just refers to the rope linen products.The document stated that the cords can be produced with a diameter of 6-14 mm and consist of 3-4 strands, each of which includes 9-12 kabolok (ropey - a linen lock impregnated with an antiseptic and anti-corrosion compounds that provide enhanced biostability and prolong the period ofuse of the product).Ropes made of natural materials are strong enough to withstand the load from 330 to 1050 kg, depending on the brand of the product.

linen rope made on the basis of GOST № 1868-88.For their production are taken only short fibers (up to number three).With the release of such products are guided by the same principle as when the rope - yarn is twisted into strands, which then wove into the ropes.When this twisting yarn strands is generally in the directions opposite to each other.

State standards indicate that pure raw linseed's not in use.Instead, for the production of hemp to add flax to provide products 6,5-24 mm in diameter that can withstand loads up to 1400 daN.The finished product should be free of alkalis, acids, salts of copper, that will allow to recognize the linen rope environmentally friendly products.Unfortunately, rope, cord and linen are products with a rather short shelf life.For example, according to GOST warranty period of storage for them - one year from the date of manufacture.