Volkswagen Passat B8: Version 2015

According to official information, which was distributed by representatives of the German automobile manufacturer, the company Volkswagen, in July of this year, will be presented the latest model Passat - B8.Released production version has not yet been specified.Along with this, motorists and lovers of the brand has all the prerequisites to hope that the novelty can be seen in the exhibition, which will be held in October in Paris.

Features Body

At present detailed information on this machine is missing.Press officer of the company want to keep the intrigue, so promise to provide all the data on the new Volkswagen Passat B8 in July.Whatever it was, some reporters find information still managed.Surely we know that the body will be considerably lightened compared with the previous version of the car.For its production plan to use Hot alloy of aluminum and high-strength steel.This explains the reduction in fuel consumption and innovation.It is expected that it will be reduced by about twenty percent.

key innovations

Without a doubt, the most important engineering solution, which will be different the new Volkswagen Passat B8, will be an introduction to the range of four-cylinder diesel engine of the power unit, the amount of which will be two liters.It will be equipped with two turbines in connection with the plant to develop a power of 240 "horses".It should be noted, and the fact that the maximum of its capacity, as well as the torque can be achieved already at the level of 1750 revolutions per minute.Regarding transmission, this version of the engine will operate in conjunction with manual DSG seven stages, which has been developed recently.In addition, the company will equip the cars wheel-drive system, known as 4MOTION.

Other engines

machine will show decent acceleration capabilities.At the same time indicators such as profitability, will not suffer.Estimated costs for the two-liter diesel engine will be an average of five liters per hundred kilometers.In general, a German manufacturer has provided for the new Volkswagen Passat B8 a number of power plants, the power of which ranges from 120 to 280 "horses".It should be noted that gasoline engines will be equipped with "Start / Stop", the main purpose of which is to turn off cylinders, which at any given moment is not used.


According to German media reports, the new Passat B8 appearance will be very different from the previous version of the car.This is due to the fact that with this model should debut a completely new design concept of the company.It is expected that it eventually will spread to other automobile manufacturer.First and foremost, the new product will have a smaller size.The total length of the car will be 4.8 meters and the width of the wheelbase - 2.8 meters.

expected to install standard car halogen headlamps and rear position LED lights.As an option the manufacturer offers the company provides head LED optics, equipped with an automatic adjustment of the main beam of light.There are plans to produce a modification in two body styles - sedan and wagon.Poll European users indicates that the second of said types become more popular.We should not exclude the likelihood of a hatchback and a convertible.


Beauty trends will be more spacious than its predecessor.In addition, the passengers on the rear seats, there will be more space for the legs.The dashboard will be entirely digital.On the front panel Passat B8 2015 model year is planned to install a configurable touch screen, which amounted to 12.3 inches.Note that this option is even greater than the size of many modern computer tablet.In addition, the cabin will be many new and different buttons of the control elements for electronics.

far it is no secret that such modification as "Passat" has always positioned itself as a real family car.At the same time there is every reason to call the latest version of its more universal.A striking confirmation of this will be a spacious trunk, the volume of which is about 650 liters.

Acceleration and Security

Due to the weight reduction, compared to the previous version of the model, the new Volkswagen Passat B8 significantly improve not only the efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, but also the dynamics of dispersal.In particular, to achieve a speed of 100 km / h car will need a little less than 8.5 seconds.

Application Body light and durable plastic material makes durable cars.A high level of security is provided by a range of modern systems.In particular, in this case we are talking about the function of the circular review, monitoring trends in the situation of the band, as well as the possibility of preventing the frontal and side impacts.

hybrid version

As of today, we can safely say that the German concern with time and will release a hybrid version of the model Volkswagen Passat B8.Release date it is scheduled for 2015.Under the hood of the car will be located petrol engine volume of 1.4 liters and an electric powertrain.The total capacity of the plant will be about two hundred horsepower.It is expected that with the application of only one electric traction machine will be able to overcome the distance without recharging the batteries, is just over fifty kilometers.When using hybrid technology estimated trip distance will be 966 kilometers.