Who is stronger - a bear or a lion?

Wildlife has always attracted people to him for its unsolved mysteries.Fascinating world of animals and to the end of his unravel probably fail anyone.And the unanswered questions still remain very, very much: how to live, how to sleep, how angry or feel pity, like fighting or that the beasts.So you want to know everything, because a sense of curiosity inherent in man from birth - with the most, so to speak, diapers.Who is stronger - a bear or a lion?On the question of the two largest predators nature still no clear answer.Maybe try to still learn, whose strength will prevail?

Bear - the owner of the forest

To understand the question of who is stronger - a bear or a lion, you need to consider the capabilities of each of the animals.Bear called the master of the forest, the owner of the taiga, it is well deserved.Under natural conditions, this is not a fairy tale, cute and a good bear is accustomed to thinking of Fur TV children.If you meet in real life eye to eye with the beast, the chance to get out of his "embrace" almost there.

Shot Power paw of a bear's huge!The beast is capable of a single blow to the 10 meters drop tusker weighing about 150 kg.Also bear paws with sharp feature five long claws each, this is a very powerful weapon.Far East, as well as a representative of this kind of Kamchatka is quite massive.Bear weight about 300-500 kg.Mass his body predator can easily break the rib cage and pelvic bones of his enemy or his prey.

When furious bear attacks, it stands on its hind legs and enters the enemy in deadly "hug", it is provided that there are Fighting one against one.The weakness of this predator is its slowness, he can not jump in and quickly evade attacks and bites.

Beast Lion

One of the largest predators in the animal world is the lion.King of beasts - so it is rightly called, in his appearance and habits really have something royal.That only is his voice, especially if you hear a lion's roar in the silence of the night!You can hear this "royal" roar even at 7-8 km.

male African lion reaches a length of 2.5-3 meters, the weight of such a beauty is on average 150 - 170 kg, although there are surprising exceptions.In 1936 hunter was killed by a lion, which weighed 310 kg, but the males are very rare.Beat the lion has a crushing force, which contributes to the great weight of the animal.

In the battle with the enemy has the advantage of a lion in his agility and resourcefulness, he could easily dodge the blows of paws and biting fangs, at the same time managing to strike back.The body of the animal is strong, flexible and muscular, he is well run and jump.Like every member of the genus of the cat, the lion well developed muscles of the forelimbs and neck.Jaws powerful beast with huge tusks capable of holding even a wildebeest, so strong grasp of the king of beasts.

Who is stronger - a bear or a lion?

After comparing the characteristics of a bear and a lion can draw conclusions.Only if we can on the basis of these findings answer yet to the question: "Who is stronger - a bear or a lion?"

Bear and Lion is one of the largest predators.Each of them have sharp teeth, long claws, impressive size and, of course, courage.But along with that each of these animals has its own weaknesses.In our case, a bear - clumsiness and a lion - a large enough weight, compared with the enemy.

Most importantly you need to know before beginning any battle?The main thing - to know the weak points of the enemy.Here and in the battle of these huge beasts will be the deciding factor in how quickly one of the beasts slabinku grope each other and be able to take advantage of it.In addition, the outcome of this fight may be affected by many other factors, such as location, weather conditions, animal health ... clear answer to this question is not possible, as mentioned earlier, the natural world, the world of the animals is still not fully been explored.Many questions remain unanswered.

it possible to fight?

clash between a bear and a lion in the wild is unlikely, because these animals live in very different areas.Even if we assume after all such a meeting, it is likely beasts, growling at each other, diverge in different directions, because they understand how strong the enemy.You can also assume that the fight could happen because of the production, but it's almost unreal.Why join the fight for a piece of meat, if it is easier and safer to get their own food.The animals are very well-developed instinct for self-preservation, to make correct decisions, and they are able to assess the possibility of an opponent may also appreciated.