When does the leaf from Rowan?

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Falling Leaves - a unique phenomenon in the life of trees and shrubs.To answer the question of when it starts and when it ends at the leaf of a mountain ash, birch, aspen, maple, or any other plant, it is necessary to consider several factors.A very important region of growth of trees and shrubs, type of plant community, the weather conditions of a particular time of the year, and some other features.Listopad plays an important role not only in the life of the particular plant species, but also the whole of nature.

leaf fall in the value of nature

Thanks to him, the trees and bushes regulate the evaporation process and the level of loss of moisture.In cold weather, the root system can not absorb from the soil the amount of fluid that would ensure adequate nutrition of plants.To avoid the loss in the winter, the trees have to get rid of the leaves.Since this part of the plant requires the greatest amount of water.

to branch, liberated from the leaves, winter will not accumulate a lot of snow.Under his weight will not suffer the branches and trunk.Fallen leaves of trees and shrubs, herbaceous plants of the dead are important elements in the process of soil formation.In the process of photosynthesis in plants leaf plates accumulate a large amount of toxic substances.Exemption from harmful to the growth and development of elements occurs when the leaves are falling.

have mountain ash, birch, aspen, spruce, pine, and any other plants, this phenomenon is happening in their own way.Phenological observations provide vast material for the study of deciduous phenomenon.

When autumn comes in the life of the plant?

As you know, the year is divided into four seasons.By the calendar is given in the fall between September 1 to November 30.It must be said that the division is conditional, and in the life of animate and inanimate nature of these terms is never kept.

This happens for the reason that replacement periods for each set separately.For example, the end of leaf from Rowan and she is preparing to survive winter conditions, all annual plants had already completed its growth cycle and before they reach the autumn calendar.

Signs of autumn nature

onset of autumn is marked by certain characteristics.They can be seen both in the living and inanimate nature.

Reducing the length of the day and lowering the average daily air temperature - is one of the main factors affecting the life of wildlife.The temperature of plus 15 degrees, with a gradual decrease to zero refers to the autumn.It was under such terms it changes begin to occur in the lives of most plants.So the duration of daylight, and the average daily temperature conditions indicate that begins at the leaf of a mountain ash, birch, oak, aspen and other deciduous plants.

Folk omens

On the basis of the centuries-old observation of nature, which are conducted by people drawn signs.As it is possible to predict the nature of the upcoming season, the amount of a crop of vegetables, fruits, cereals.I must say that many people will take the accuracy is very high, and today scientists can explain and justify their essence.When does the leaf from Rowan, its branches are very visible bright red berries.One of the signs says that a rich harvest of mountain ash - to the harsh winter.But this also points to the fact that when the tree was in bloom, the weather was perfect, and the bees do not stop pollinate its flowers.
The people assumed that when the leaf at the end of a mountain ash, lilac, comes pre-winter period.Before the onset of winter remain a matter of days.