Step by step preparation for the wedding (photos)

Preparations for the wedding - is responsible procedure that must be approached with the utmost seriousness and skill.Often this initiative undertake paid organizers.They plan the whole wedding with precision to the last detail and according to the wishes of the intending spouses.If the appeal to such intermediaries can not be always possible to arrange a wedding celebration in the home.How to do it?Where to start planning?And what items are included in the wish list?

compiles a list of actions and wishes

start wedding planning is essential to drawing up a wish list.This should be done in about six months to the celebration.What it should be?First, start by determining the exact date of the wedding.Thus consider the wishes of each other.Second, the preparation for the wedding provides a timely choice of the place and time of the wedding.For this will not be superfluous to clarify the intended schedule of the wedding registrar.

Third, decide the restaurant or cafe, where is the main fun after the official procedures of marriage.Consider transportation, parking availability.It is worth to visit the prospective institution to monitor the prices and to make rough estimates of future costs.Do not forget a romantic honeymoon.Determine the host country, dates, number of days and calculate other organizational issues (formulation of foreign passports, ticket booking and hotel rooms).

And, of course, before you decide that you need to prepare for the wedding, be sure to choose the subject of celebration.A will is a classic wedding veil and with the usual gatherings or holiday in pirate, Hawaiian, gangster, Ukrainian, Indian, and other styles - you decide.

makes the list of guests for a festive celebration

second, to begin preparing for the wedding - the guest list.Shall describe the number of guests from both sides.It should take into account their gender, age and social status.This you will need during the planning of who and where to plant.It must be done in about 4 months before the event.

The next step is to verify the exact number of guests.To do this, call all people who want to see on their wedding, in front of each place the "+" or "-".Consequently, the number of visitors will depend on the number of servings ordered beds and the number of invitations.

At the same stage turn-based preparation for marriage provides for the purchase, signing and mailing beautifully designed invitation cards.

Solve organizational issues

About 3 months before the triumph of the persons who decide to get married, you need to solve a number of organizational issues.In particular, it is necessary to go to the registrar, wrote a statement to resolve the issue with the wedding (if provided in the plan).At the same time, it makes sense to look and buy wedding rings, as well as to ask the price and if you want to just buy a wedding dress.If you buy clothes until you are ready to do it best about a month before the celebration.

also worth to choose a cafe or restaurant.At this stage to discuss the menu and specify the number of guests.Also, you need to ask about the cost of a wedding convoy, to evaluate the services of florists, designers, make-up artists.And, of course, no wedding preparation is complete without a selection of honorary witnesses.

What to do in the past month and a half before the wedding?

When the final date of the wedding is getting closer, you have less time to develop it.About a month and a half, should determine the choice of toastmaster, designers and musicians, book wedding tour in a travel agency, booking tickets and hotels.

Among other things, provides for the preparation of the wedding photos and video.Therefore, the next step is finding a suitable operator and photographer.At the same time, it makes sense to turn to the choreographer and use it to put your wedding dance.If you are not going to buy a wedding dress, it's time to search for them in the rental agencies.Decide on the design and order wedding cake and loaf.

girls and women in the same period of preparation is necessary to address to the cosmetician and to begin the preparatory work to improve the color, condition of hair, nails and other body parts.Men are also encouraged to engage in pre-appearance.Also, you need to take care of the choice of floral accessories and determine the composition of the flower bouquet for the bride and to create buttonholes.

What youngest three weeks before the celebration?

Three weeks before the event preparation for the wedding goes in another direction: there is very little time and preparatory work for the organization and execution run faster.At this time, it is recommended to ring up again all the guests and finally specify the number of those who will come.

At this stage should be to communicate with the master of ceremonies and organizer of a wedding event and to discuss in detail the wedding scenario.It also provides communication with photographers and cameramen.It is necessary to make adjustments to the route of the wedding walk.Once again check up organizational issues on the topic of our honeymoon.

remaining weeks before the wedding: what to do?

Before the wedding, stayed week: what to do?The main thing - to calm down and not to panic.This is especially true of parents who are preparing for the wedding of the daughter literally causes a sedative to swallow handfuls of pills and drink "from the heart".Dear mom and dad!If the aisle is your precious daughter, then a week before the wedding to be calm, not rushing to call all the people you plan to use during the ceremony of marriage (photographer, cameraman, florist, driver, etc.).

At the same time is to buy balloons and accessories for the decoration of the hall (if you decide to design your own) to buy a small and symbolic gifts for the guests and make fun diplomas and medals (for example, a certificate "For what fell asleep at the table").

And, of course, the best thing a week before the wedding to organize a loud stag and hen party.

day before the wedding: what to do?

The day before the celebration of audits prepared things.Once again, check the previously created list of desires to learn, you have not missed anything in a hurry.Check the glasses and champagne for the registrar, specify the time of arrival of the driver.The groom can decorate the car in the evening, and the witness of honor - to prepare the bride.

bride should check the status of your dress, shoes and accessories, folded in her purse all you need, as well as phone to the hairdresser or private master to schedule.And finally, a good sleep and wait for the solemn moment.

How is the preparation for the wedding of a stranger?

As you can see, it is not easy to be the bride and groom before the wedding.Much easier for guests who are required only to arrive in time to express their support for the young, give gifts and enjoy the evening.If you are invited to the wedding, then prepare for it, it makes sense for the week.

In this case, you have time and take care of your suit, and sign up to the hairdresser.And, of course, do not forget to buy presents for the newlyweds.Thus it is better to find exactly those things or kitchen utensils that come in handy in the future young couples.If you do not know what to give, it is best to buy a nice envelope, to invest money and to prepare beautiful words with which you solemnly handed the envelope Brac.

How to arrange an emergency wedding?

sometimes arrange classic wedding is not possible.The reasons for this may be many, such a short time when the preparation of documents for traveling abroad, pregnant brides, etc.In other words, in such cases it is necessary to act quickly, but it does not lose reason.So start training again is with planning.But this time, better prescribe deadlines of certain actions.

For quick weddings offer the following plan of action taking into account the one month period:

  • apply to the registrar;
  • find a restaurant or cafe;
  • agree with the master of ceremonies, decorators and artists;
  • buy clothes Suite, footwear, accessories;
  • make the guest list, to issue and distribute invitation cards;
  • order attributes Suite and honorary witnesses;
  • lease on the car;
  • negotiate with photographers and cameramen.

And finally, a couple of useful tips.If the wedding is special, selecting cafes give preference to small institutions located outside the city center.With this approach, you will be able to rent a room much faster.The most important point of the plan at the organization of emergency wedding - the submission of an application to the registrar.And, of course, do not forget about setting priorities when planning a wedding celebration.It is possible that you have to give up those things without which you can do without.