Bank cards as means of payment

Bank cards as a means of payment

The article presents the information concerning the projects that are developed by the banks of Vladivostok to attract customers to use extensively bank cards.It also provides methods of realization and promotion these projects.

State seeks to create a single payment instrument, for better control of money circulation in the country, so the subject of electronic money in Russia is becoming increasingly important.

The use of bank plastic cards, there are many advantages for both the client and the bank.

For the customer it is:

  • usability,
  • reduce the risk of loss of funds,
  • various benefits when receiving services in trade and service enterprises,
  • reduce costs on financial operations,
  • accruing interest,
  • remoteaccount management and more.

For banks:

  • expansion of services,
  • emergence of new customers,
  • reducing the cost of operations due to paperless technology,
  • charging additional fees
  • increase in income,
  • increase competitive opportunities of the bank.

However, due to a default declared in 1998, the Russians for a long time did not show interest in the bank cards, as confidence in the banks has been undermined.It is also important to note that, unfortunately, at the moment for the Russian bank card users is not so much a means of payment, but a means to withdraw cash.

Despite a number of problems, the Russian market of plastic cards is developing quite quickly and still inspires hope.

There are new, enterprising banks, trying to earn the trust of customers by means of changes in the methods of service, expand service capabilities, by the complex of banking services.

In particular, it is possible to Maritime Bank.They began to develop a variety of projects to attract customers to the use of plastic cards.Basically, one of the first in Primorye proposed salary project.Its implementation has already proposed a "Primorye" Bank "Avangard", "Sberbank", "Primsotsbank" and others. You can also mention other projects to attract consumers to a wide use of plastic cards.

Here are some of the development bank "Primorye┬╗:

  1. Firstly, it offers legal entities to realize the salary project using plastic cards issued by the Bank.
  2. bank card "Vladmama", this card guarantees beyond the traditional benefits of international banking plastic cards VISA, its owners of discounts up to 20% more than a hundred shops and digging Vladivostok and region.
  3. Just in Primorye began to develop co-branded projects: TYSA card for a young, active audience that likes to relax and hang out.Undoubtedly, this is a unique project not only Vladivostok, but also in Russia as a whole.
  4. Quite recently in Vladivostok started a project "My Dolphin".Advantages of the payment card are as follows:
  • each trip on the bus for 10% less;
  • fare accelerated procedure.

In general the use of such cards is fast, convenient, reliable and safe.

All this is realized projects of the bank "Primorye".

Cooperation Alfa-Bank-Cosmopolitan and Ile De Beaute - one of the most striking examples of attracting consumers to use plastic cards.Map of Alfa Bank - Cosmopolitan - Visa - perhaps the most stylish of all the bank cards.It focuses primarily on women's category of the population.


  • Holders of plastic cards Alfa-Bank-Cosmopolitan can get when shopping online ILE DE BEAUTE 15% discount.
  • map of Alfa Bank - Cosmoplitan can be both a debit and a credit.
  • allows you to receive discounts and gifts in a variety of shops, cafes, beauty salons, fitness clubs and other places.

Actually that such measures are being taken by banks in order to empower consumers in the use of bank cards and thus get himself out of this the greatest benefit.Developed projects really have a positive impact on consumers, encouraging their range of services.