Factors of production - are important characteristics of industrial activity

To give a correct definition of the factors of production, to begin to understand what is the definition of production, which characterizes the process of making all kinds of wealth.Therefore, for such a sequence of actions a person must impact on the various objects of the world in order to give them the required parameters, suitable for the realization of tasks.Thus, the factors of production - is the most important elements that have a significant impact not only on performance but also on the possibility of organizing productive activity.

Currently identify several approaches to the definition of "factors of production".Following Marx's judgment, we can allocate funds and object of labor, and labor.Nevertheless, the first two terms can be combined into one group, referred to the means of production.

Thus, the factors of production - a combination of real and personal factors.This association is in the form of the organization and management of enterprise-based employee incentive through payment.However, the effectiveness of such interaction is also characterized by a variety of specific factors, such as applied technology and rational organization of the enterprise.

in turn determines the neoclassical theory of production factors as elements of economic cooperation, such as capital, land and labor.Let us consider each of these in more detail.

Capital - a set of benefits that have an artificial origin.Thus, this definition implies that they should be involved in the manufacturing process.On the concept of "capital" include cash assets, building and construction, as well as a variety of vehicles.The manufacturing process and is characterized by the accumulation of these funds investments.Such factors of production - is an association of several concepts: the money, the real and the theory of "human capital".

Earth is a natural resources that were not made by man.This category may include minerals, forests, soil, etc.Land use can be varied, but the main part of the resource represented by the most commonly used in the agricultural sector.These factors of production - this means having certain properties.For example, natural, resources that have initially and artificially-created, which arose due to human activities (land reclamation, irrigation, fertilization, etc.).

Work may be presented physical and intellectual manifestations of human endeavor.This factor of production has its own characteristics, the main of which is that the work - an integral part of human life and, therefore, has both political and social aspects.