Dream interpretation: what dreams fruit?

What dreams fruit?Surely this question interests of those who seek to unravel the future and open the veil of secrecy.Is it always a dream in which there are beautiful fruits, promise happiness and joy?On this and talk in our article.


sick person to see his dream of beautiful fruit is a speedy recovery.

girl who in their grёzah watched ripe fruit, soon met his soul mate.Fortunately, this young man would be the best in all respects.Chivalry, actions, stateliness, masculinity - all the qualities that will prevail in this man.

Why dream a lot of fruit on the tree people, who for a long time can not conceive a child?Soon the expected completion in the family.If the fruit

dreamed of an unmarried man, so soon in his life will be a woman who always takes place in a lonely heart.

For the poor like a dream means improved financial position.

Pluck fruit harvest

What dreams fruit on the tree, you can not get it?This means inaccessibility of your desires and goals.Did you set yourself challenges that you can not do.You got it?So, everything in your life will develop as you wish.

you saw in a dream, like a branch with beautiful fruits she leaned to you?This means that you will achieve your goal effortlessly.This may happen with assistance.

harvest?This means that in your life there came a time when all wishes come true at the click.Use this period sensibly.

What if you greedily picking fruit from the tree, without letting others to enjoy them?It says that you - people do not think about others.If the attitude towards others does not change, then in the future you will pay back in the same coin.

Tear quince means happiness and victory over the enemies.

Tear oranges promises good news and noble act.

eat fruits

If the dreamer eat ripe fruit in a night vision, then his life will come a time when pleasure completely absorb it.

young woman in his grёzah eat ripe fruit?This is not a good sign, promising her the loss of inheritance and moral collapse.Be careful in his statements and do not sign the controversial document.

What dreams orange fruits that you eat in your sleep?Eat tangerines, oranges, persimmon is a quick illness.

greedily eat a pear?Your financial situation will soon get worse.

Peach that you eat, means parting with a loved one.Do not worry, soon you will be together again.

greedily grab and eat all the fruit promises misfortune.This is due to the fact that you swallow ... selfishness.It is because of this negative human quality of life you will overtake black stripe.Dream interpretation in this case the Council to reconsider its attitude towards others, because loneliness and hatred on the part of friends and family you will soon provided.

eat unripe fruit is waiting for some event.

eat pineapples and bananas means happiness, luck, luck, strong relationship.

drank coconut milk?So you discover a big secret.Probably, it would be associated with a large man.You take advantage of this important information, or not, up to you.But remember to harm him, you will gain a lifelong enemy.


Why dream of rotten fruit?This suggests that someone in your neighborhood is experiencing negative to you.Be careful, because this man for a long time preparing a trap.

ripe and delicious fruit promise joy.Also, this dream means that you are on the right track.

If you saw the fruit worms, it means your stability and toughness.Unfortunately, once you decide to make a step forward, then fail.Dream book advises to remove all obstacles and get down to business again.

Rotten Apples promise a loss of property, failure in business, cowardly friend.Look closely at their surroundings, because one of your so-called friends may betray you at any moment.

dreamed beautiful and colorful fruit on the table?Enjoy life.

Why dream of fruits and vegetables that are in the vase?This means that all your efforts will soon yield profits.

saw a beautiful fruit on a platter?Make no mistake: not all so rosy as it seems.You've learned that everything is presented on a silver platter.Dream book advises remove the rose-colored glasses and start working, otherwise all your savings will soon run out.

dreamed up dried talk about the maturity of the dreamer.Perhaps in your life will come, or global changes will meet a man much older than you.In any case, you will appreciate it.

green unripe fruits mean illness.Perhaps you already have any initial symptoms, so seek medical attention immediately.

Manipulation fruits

If you are standing behind the counter of a fruit shop and then wait for a good bargain.

buys fruit boxes?Be careful with the large amounts of money.You may be offered a project that will seem profitable.But no!It is just a publicity move enemies who want you to circle around your finger.

Why dream of fruit in a dream from which you cook the jam?This means that life will come hard times.

What if you clear the fruit peel?This means that all your hopes will turn into dust.This may be due to the fact that you do not know how to trust and listen to the recommendations and more experienced adults.You look far ahead, ignoring the small obstacles.And in vain!

baked fruit?Wait interference from outsiders.

give you apples?Someone is secretly in love with you.Also, this dream means that it can not be one person, but several, for your sexuality and attractiveness do not know limits.

In my dream you dry the plums?Expect to treachery and slander.

gives anyone oranges?To quarrel in the family.Pears?Much hype.

What if in your dream you squeeze the juice from the fruit?You are very unhappy with their occupation or place of work.

What dream fruit trees

If you see the branches bend under the weight of fruit, it is said that in front of you waiting for a fruitful life.Finally, all your efforts will be justified.

watch the orchard, where a huge number of ripe fruit and beautiful?You will find a happy family life.

What if the dreamer saw in his sleep a large fruit growing on the tree?This means prosperity and a good harvest.

green fruit on the tree mean that all your efforts will be in vain.Perhaps on the way to your destination will be the person who hurt you to realize all our plans.

see growing quince?Wait for good news and luck in business.

Why dream of pomegranate fruit, abundant in the tree?This means your sexuality and charm.Your victories on the sexual front, no boundaries.

Watched Kiwi on a branch?This is not a good sign that promises parting with a loved one.

If you see the fruit ripening in the leaves, it means a luxurious life.

details and trivia

you eat fruit stones?Expect success.

In my dream you saw the gentle and beautiful peaches?This means your sexuality and originality.It is also the dream says that you have great success on the love front.

Men ripe fruit dream because he is not indifferent to the magnificent female form.

watched as many different fruits lie on the ground?It means prosperity and luxury.They rushed to collect them?You should not be greedy, or risk being left with nothing.

worked on the cultivation of fruit?Wait for a good harvest.

In his nocturnal grёzah you watched the fruits of no where they should be?It promises infertility, emptiness, failure and loneliness.

If you walk along the orchard, the expected profit.Back interpreted a dream in which you walk through the garden, where the trees are bare.

Thrown fruit?Luck can change you.Do not trust the dubious personalities and do not participate in untested projects, or risk losing all their savings.

see bits of apples?Expect sadness and loneliness.


What dream-apple fruit?If in your dream you eat an apple and do not feel the taste, it promises you the wrong friend.Be careful!

Eat sour plum?Wait quarrels in the family.Sweet?Momentary pleasure.

What if you ate sweet fruit?Wait for good events.

In my dream you were eating sour fruit?This means hurt and disappointment in the loved one.Perhaps he has already betrayed you.Soon you will learn about it.

Eat sweet apples and sweet promises a good life.

Kushan lemon and feel its taste?The money.

Why dream of fruits and berries, which are repugnant to the taste?Wait for news of bitter and unpleasant events.


Dreaming fruit is always something good and positive.But the full interpretation of this dream depends precisely on the little things and details that occur during sleep.For example, the appearance of the fruit, its taste, maturity, and so on. D. Therefore, take this into account in the interpretation of night vision should be mandatory.

you more beautiful and ripe fruit in a dream in life!