Finance - a structural element of the economic system

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system of finance presented the ordered set of certain financial relationships.The units of the system are organized into three main sections, each of which has its own internal structure:

- centralized finance, presented the state budget and extra-budgetary funds, state credit and the various funds (personal and property insurance) as well as the stock market;

- decentralized finance, owned a commercial business entities, financial intermediaries and non-profit organizations;

- personal finance (households).

Thus, finance - is an economic category, is a structural element of the corresponding system, each link of which can be characterized by specific methods of formation with subsequent use of funds.At each level there is a definite role in social production.

example, centralized finance - is an instrument of general regulation of the national economy.With this tool made the mobilization of resources in the budget and their subsequent distribution and redistribution between individual branches, economic regions and specific populations.

decentralized finance - is the mechanism of regulation of social and economic relations between economic entities.It depends on the state of their financial condition of the state, due to the formation in this part of the economy of most of the resources.

Finally, personal finances - a relationship in terms of money between individuals who live together and have a common household.Improvement, unlike family includes, but also relatives of people totally or partially in the active budget contributing their share.Also, the formation of such finance may be one person who is able to support themselves financially.

Economy - two categories that are closely cooperating with each other.So, it is expressed in financial relations in the economic sphere, which relate to the sources of financing of the various sectors of the economy.And we can not forget the need to finance such areas as production, circulation and households.

Finance enterprises represent a set of specific economic sphere of relations that arise in actual cash back in the formation, followed by the distribution and use of funds of money resources of business entities (it is a decentralized finance).This is quite independent financial unit that can cater for material production, as well as to create GDP.

Finance as an economic category are dependent on the relationship in the middle of the system.Despite some delineation of individual links with the applicable forms and methods of formation and use of financial resources, the financial system is characterized by unity because it is based on a single source resource of all its units.