As used blue clay for hair?

Since ancient times women try to keep youth and beauty, in order to remain attractive and desirable for their men.Modern cosmetology offers a variety of procedures to allow the ladies look stunning even in adulthood.Today, however, often use natural ingredients available for use in the home.A clear example appears blue clay for hair.It contains a complex of vitamins and mineral trace elements, so the mask based on it makes every woman look after themselves.

blue clay for hair: useful properties

This product is completely natural and is often used in the production of organic cosmetics.Clay perfectly cleanses the skin by removing dead skin particles.Regular use of it helps normalize sebum.In addition it has anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes the healing of wounds and microcracks.Often blue clay for hair used to eliminate dandruff, prevent the rapid contamination.Thus, making the appropriate mask at least once a week, you will ensure yourself a long-term preservation installation.Clay is a part of many tools designed to restore hair after a perm or coloring.It's worth noting that there is no contraindication to its use, meaning it is perfect for all skin types.This product is well combined with additional ingredients, so you can experiment without a doubt in my spare time, creating different compositions.

blue clay for hair: recipes of traditional medicine

almost any pharmacy you can buy the precious powder in a relatively small price.Use it in its pure form is useless, since the desired result we get.For preparing the clay masks breed powder with a small amount of warm water.As a result, you should get plenty of fat sour cream consistency.In principle, the mask is ready, carefully put on strands are distributed over the entire length.Very often used blue clay for hair growth, because this ingredient increases blood flow to the scalp, and thus stimulates the hair follicles.For this purpose, it is recommended to add a nutritious oil, for example, burdock, olive oil, linseed oil or castor.It will come in handy a few drops of essential oils of citrus, ylang-ylang, lavender and laurel.Nutritional properties of clay mask enhances egg yolks, butter (in melted form), and strengthening can be achieved with the help of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

blue clay for hair: reviews

Most women have tried the above recipes in their hair, were satisfied.Hair really silky, shiny and pleasant to the touch.However, it would be desirable to warn blondes, because clay is considered to be sufficiently active dye, so after this mask there is a threat changes hue.Hair gets yellowness becomes gray and unprepossessing.But brunettes are not facing such a problem, so they can safely run to the drugstore and start your own experiment.