Dream book.

Experts say that dreams where dreamed hand in hand of another person, it is very important and always portend serious events in the life of the sleeper.The fact that the hand - conductor vitality, share it with neighbors - so let him into your destiny.That promises a dream, and we will talk in this article.

love or adventure?

So, if you had a dream hand in hand man, so soon you expect a close relationship with him.But it is important to remember what kind of emotions you feel when you touch a dream for the man.If feelings were negative - expect trouble.I'm sure your partner would be insincere and selfish men who cruelly deceive you.So in reality you should think about whether to continue to communicate with this person.If you dream you feel a surge of strength and energy from the ground on the other hand, it means that you will find great happiness.Your feelings are likely deep and mutual, and choice - is the person with whom you are destined to spend my life.Of course, it does not always mean a quick wedding dream where you dream hand in hand.Dream book argues that such a spectacle symbolizes the attempt to make contact with a person of interest to you, but how to be successful this relationship depends on the details of sleep.

contact with a stranger

If you dream you took the stranger's hand, the outlines of which are barely visible, so in reality you are trying to communicate with otherworldly forces.This indicates that you have not entered anything for the sake of achieving his goal.Beware - this dream warns.Your ally may be powerful, but very dangerous.And the consequences that would entail the achievement of the desired - the most unpredictable.Not worth the risk and rush to extremes.If you had a hand in the hand of a stranger, then, it is better to slow down, to think again and weigh everything.Most likely, your desires or too ambitious, and much more affordable than you still believed.Be reasonable, and there is a safer way to accomplish the goal.

hand, separated from the body

hand in hand - a dream is very multi-faceted and requires careful study.That portends a dream in which you see your hand, separated from the body?The dream books says that this is a very bad omen.It promises the loss of someone from relatives.Lose the hand - then leave forever a part of himself, that is something most dear and close.In addition, this dream can be interpreted as a harbinger of traumatic situation.You may well be faced with a problem that requires immediate medical attention, and you're better off in every way to avoid it.Be careful after this dream and take care of themselves and their loved ones.


hand in hand in a dream is not always wears a sexual innuendo.For example, a firm handshake promises sleeping long and fruitful cooperation with a reliable partner.In addition, this dream promises a meeting with an old friend.

Again, much depends on the details of a dream.If the hand you shake, cold and flabby, so in reality you all the forces trying to impose on a person's own will.This action will not bring the desired result, so you should give it up.A dream in which you have to touch a dirty or poorly maintained hand, warns that your partner - a man without scruples, prone to meanness and intrigue.Be careful at the first opportunity to stop communicating with him.Accordingly, clean and warm hands - a symbol of good intentions.Want reliable relations and fruitful cooperation - keep relationship with that person.

unusual dream

many downers indicate that much depends on exactly what you dreamed.Hand in hand may indicate the appearance of your life some material benefits.For example, if you shake six-fingered hand - wait for a raise or a good premium.In the near future you will certainly be tangible cash receipts.

left and right

Another important detail, which is worth paying during sleep.Dreamed hand in hand?Notice what it right or left.It is believed that the left side symbolizes all unreliable, unjust and negative.Therefore, contact with the left hand - it is unexpected trouble, onerous responsibilities unpleasant meeting, noisy quarrel, clash with the enemies.The right side represents all that is good.Shake right hand - so in the near future to experience the freedom of action and friendly support.The whole world is at your feet, use this as luck is on your side.

Hot and cold

burn - this is something that is clearly not good you dreamed.Hand in hand, which is exhausted from the heat - a sign of material losses, unexpected and suspicious transactions.Refrain from buying during this period.Yes, and all cash transactions will not bring the desired result.Be vigilant and do not be fooled.Remember that the expression of the people "warm hands", which means to profit at the expense of others.In this case - for your.But not see the fire burning in their hands or the hands of a partner portends great success.This dream is a mystical overtones.All in your hands, it says.Cold hand, warmed in a dream lover - the best thing that you can see.This means that a man will never leave you, will love and take care of you until his death.

Who will

Some dream books written that hand in hand - a dream, saying that someone is trying to establish control over another person.So, it all depends on whose initiative was contact.If you take someone's hand, then it is you need to check someone.How your actions are successful, can tell the details of a dream.If you meet in response to a firm handshake, then everything will turn out.Lifeless and limp hand - a sign of lack of will and lack of interest.Such an ally you have to control every step, with no success.

hand in hand in a dream can not be on your initiative.If this happens, then you will soon undergo severe pressure from the outside.Perhaps you will begin to dictate the head of the new conditions, or lover does not want to let go of his arms.Anyway - wait for its capabilities and limitations in advance looking for an escape route.

French sonnik

Interestingly, it depends on the interpretation of the dream of a mentality.The French in their own way they see something that dream hand in hand.Dreams of the people asserts that such a spectacle symbolizes the love and devotion of friends.Touching the broken hand - harbinger of disease, and trouble in the family, and swollen palms - an early sign of wealth.If a young person sees himself in a dream shakes hairy arms, then she would be happy in my personal life, give birth to a very beautiful children and live in honor and prosperity for many years.But in your hand cut off his hand to his misfortune.Get ready for trouble, and remember that the black stripe is always replaced by white.

English sonnik

What dreamed a dream hand in hand friend?English sonnik know the exact answer to this question.This dream indicates imminent reconciliation with a friend, even if you have previously shared the serious differences.Be forgiving and peaceful, because true friends are rare.Smudged on someone's hands - it means to experience the humiliation of a strong reality.You will take part in the disgraceful practice, will be exposed and lose reputation.Better to refuse from the adventure in which you are going to get involved.

Dream Miller

Miller in his discussion treats us sleep.Hand in hand man, in his opinion, - a symbol of sexual desire.It is worth paying attention to the condition of his hands.Dirty and ugly portend trouble and problems.But beautiful hands symbolize devotion and mutual love.Too bad if you see blood on the hands of a loved one.It symbolizes the fast separation, alienation between partners.And it is due to unjust conviction from a friend or a lover.Be patient, and the relationship sooner or later return to normal.

Dreams Tsvetkova

ready for testing when you dreamed a dream hand in hand.Dreams Tsvetkov points directly to what you are waiting for trouble.But do not despair, you will overcome them with loved ones, or other loved one.Coming together through adversity, you will realize that your relationship is a prospect.If you dream you come into contact with the palm of his rival and nemesis, so in reality you may well cooperate with him.Look closely at your foe, you may have more in common than you think.Hold the hand of a stranger - so in the near future to take part in some charity event.A contact with the unprecedented fabulous monster - to get acquainted with the amazing person you will always be happy to assist.The compactness of the hand can symbolize not only a strong alliance, but also some opposition.This happens when you dream that you shake hands with the enemy.In this case, be careful, he suffered an injury and can touch you.


above listed various interpretations of what dreamed hand in hand.Dream book ever disagreed, but each of them has a right to exist.Which one is right for you?Listen to the inner voice of their own, because he never lies.Recall all the circumstances of sleep, because they are known only to you.And then it becomes clear that you yourself can interpret his dream.Dream book - just an opportunity to consult with recognized masters of this craft.Keep this in mind and be happy.And let you remove only good dreams!