Lena Lenina: Why do girls choose the bad guys?

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Each of us is familiar with examples, or as she herself was the victim of a scoundrel, or her friend got the bad guy in the network.Why do girls often fall in love with these men, and why «bad boys» become the protagonists of women's erotic fantasies, we found a cup of coffee in spa Bontabelle on Novocheremushkinskaya the author of best-selling psychological Lena Lenina.

Lena Lenina: «Why do girls often choose men, causing them to suffer neglect and Mister Nice Guy?Yes, because it's too suffered from the bad.Experienced in this respect, women are beginning to appreciate the good and true men.And by the way, they are more than happy with them.

But how to distinguish the good guys from the bad?

It's simple.Bad - it is he who makes us suffer.He does not give us love, and we, for some reason, on the contrary, we want to make him fall in love with us.

We think that we are better and more successful than his former, that we somehow just make him change and love us.We somehow believe that with us it will behave differently than all his previous broken hearts.And it is a sure sign that we are dealing with a bad guy.

Unfortunately, he did not immediately disclosed, but when it is too late - and we fell in love.And it's not in female masochism.We just could not at first distinguish it signs a "bad guy" and are used to it, it grew into its romantic roots.In addition, some bad guys to help us get to know ourselves, to feel sexual, or who knows how to love.But from the long suffering must protect the instinct of self-preservation.

So what we like in a bad guy?

Yes, what he does not give us, and resists.Woman mistaken for inaccessibility of such his masculinity.We like to play, and we aim to beat him, to fall in love, to remake it.Yet if we win this game, man ceases to be so attractive to us.After all, we have attracted its resistance to our charms.Surrendered the fortress looks are not so desirable.Process interesting results.

Therefore the perfect man - a good man, but with the character because girls like cute guys, but they can not stand men rags, even if they give them a cool makeup on Lundenilona or crocodile handbags.

Another reason why women love bad men, lies in early childhood.If the girl since childhood had to fight for the love of parents, unattainable, or lack of it in the future will be all my life to overcome the difficulties on the path to love.

In contrast, women who used to take the love affair calm and assured, not like the "bad guys."They do not want to suffer and even to run away so, that they are not very much and happy.And it is better than the eternal suffering.

But do not all the bad guys immediately dismiss.There are exceptions to the rule, when a guy has become so only temporarily, because of a previous bad experience and he may again become "good".But if he had always been "bad", it is a chronic case, which will partner a lot of tears.

What do you do when you realize that your favorite is a real bad boy?

It's simple: if you suffer, then run.Better late.Love - is a co-production of happiness.And in order to avoid tragedies in the future, it is better to be alone than with a bad man.Moreover, most likely, you felt from the beginning that with this partner you briefly.

And finally, if you ask whether all of the above applies to the bad girl, I must sadly nod to the wise, though not gray-haired head. "