Cultivation and breeding of worms as a business.

Today, almost everyone is trying to start a business.However, not all succeed.Often, competitors are not allowed to break into a large market, or employment is not for everyone.Have you considered the breeding of worms at home as a business?No?Then this material is for you.

worms What is better to choose

First of all, remember that this fowl breeding requires selection of the breed.For starters can use a local variety.For example, manure worms, breeding which does not require any cost, perfectly adapted to life in the kennels.Such individuals begin to multiply much faster.Hence the first conclusion: better to collect the worms themselves.The simplest of them - the rain.Breeding worms as a business in this situation does not require large expenditures.

Where can of worms

If you decide to start breeding worms as a business, it is necessary to collect them.To do this, dig a shallow hole and place in it a little rot of leaves or manure.Filling necessarily moisten.The main thing - do not overdo it.After that, cover the hole just a layer of board or cardboard.After a week in your "house" will have the first tenants.Transfer the fish in a box together with the soil in which they lived.To breeding of worms as a business brings income per square meter requires at least kilograms of invertebrates.It is about 1000 individuals.

Choose room

When you have collected the worms, you need to think about the place where they live.For their breeding does not require a specially equipped room.It is important that its area corresponds to your desires.Of course, the best breeding Californian worms (or any other) to exercise in a heated building.For these purposes the perfect garage or cellar.If you are going to grow their animals into ordinary barn, then get ready for the fact that the decrease in temperature to 4 ° C will affect the activity of worms.They simply fall into hibernation.In this case, will have to forget about breeding worms in winter.If you want to do this throughout the year, we should take care of the heating and, of course, on a large farm.After all, the number of individuals will increase.For example, on large farms, where earthworms dendrobena viewed as a business, their number may reach 100,000 or more.

Special boxes, nurseries

Californian worm breeding as a business does not bring much trouble.The main thing - to create optimal conditions for its reproduction.It is best to keep worms in a special box-nurseries.They can make their own.At the same time, remember that each type of worm box requires a certain size.In these nurseries are the most comfortable conditions for invertebrates.Produce boxes can be made of plastic or wood.

Nursery wood

For its production, you will need the board.Their thickness should be 25 mm.If you make a breeding earthworms, you'd better make the box-nursery that meets the following criteria: 100H20H50 centimeters.When the box is ready, turn it upside down and drill holes in the bottom.After that, the box set on the bars so that he was standing at a slight incline.It is necessary to valuable liquid ("worm tea" - a waste product of these animals) gently dripping.All seams and corners upholster tin tape.This will prevent the penetration of rodents inside the nursery.Do not forget the roof.Her you can just make out the boards.If not, you can use a sheet of plywood.It is mandatory to do the holes in the roof.They are necessary for proper air circulation.

container of plastic

If you have achieved positive results, and breeding Californian worms as a business brings you income, you can buy special containers made of plastic.Do not buy these products, if you are just starting out.Since such acquisitions rather expensive.Agree, if breeding worms dendrobena or normal rain you do not like, such a purchase would be easy for you in vain, and you throw your money away.

If you still have acquired such box-breeding grounds, the first thing done in these holes.For such containers are completely airtight.The holes in the roof and perform, and on the sides.In addition, the hole must be valuable for fluid flow.

Old refrigerator

as nursery, you can use an old refrigerator.To this end, it set up the door and remove all the contents.It you do not need.The walls of the refrigerator door and make holes.Install it on the bars so that it was inclined.Do not forget to make a hole in the bottom of the liquid to drain off.


If you are just starting in this business, and breeding of earthworm - something new for you, as the nurseries, you can use cardboard boxes.Their size should be approximately 40 to 30 centimeters or more.Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material that is well breathable and worms are often used as food.The only disadvantage of such a hotbed - a short life span.If the box is damp and began to collapse, you can put it into another.

Open Secrets worm business

Recently attracted many breeding worms.As a business it is quite profitable business, if properly approach him.In order not to burn, you should know some simple secrets.First of all, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the natural habitats of worms, then, in what soil they live, what to eat.Their "home" can be divided into three floors.At the top the worms feed on organic remains of plants and animals.In the lower tier of the data accumulated product of their life, in other words - humus, as well as a liquid, which many call "worm tea".Between these "floors" your pets will feel most comfortable and mostly will be there.It is important to complete the nursery.Then the worms will reproduce well and increase your profits.

How to fill a hotbed

If we consider the breeding of worms as a business, you should first carefully study all the nuances of such activities.Many beginning breeders make many mistakes, the first of which - incorrectly filled nurseries.How to do it correctly?

pre-prepared container half filled with humus.If desired, you can mix it with shredded cardboard or pieces of paper.The finished mixture is sure to moisten.However, do it with caution.If the compression of a lump of free water does not flow, you did everything right.Do not immediately populate the worms.Filling out the first few days of compost will release a substance such as ammonia.When it has completely evaporated, you can start settling nursery.

In a prepared vehicle cut a hole in it and place a part of the soil of worms.This place gently flatten, moisten and cover with a piece of cardboard.For several days, do not disturb tenants.They have to adapt to a new habitat.

If worms spread to the hotbed, this is the first sign that the acclimatization was successful.You can then add the feed.Remember, the place where the worms reproduce should be calm and quiet.Therefore, install a nursery where there is excessive vibration and noise.

ground moistening

Moisturize nursery soil must be regularly.But do not overdo it and.Remember earthworms skin breathe.This explains the fact that they crawl to the surface of the soil in the rain.They do just need to saturate your body with oxygen.If the soil is too wet, your pets just die.

What and how to feed?

Breeding earthworms as a business does not require any cost.This also applies to their feed.You need to create a compost pile.For this purpose, perfect manure, grass, leaves, tea leaves, coffee grounds, flour products, shells of eggs, vegetables and fruit cleaning.You should not throw in the compost pile the waste products of dogs and cats, manure, if the animals were receiving treatment for worms, clean onions, garlic, peel of citrus fruits, fats, oils, dairy products, meat and fish waste.

When food is ready, place it with a thin layer - a thickness of 10 centimeters.Feed the worms need every 7 days.To determine the level of satiety pets, you can use a piece of paper or a normal toilet paper.Place it on top of feed and moisten slightly.If the worms began to eat the paper, it's time to feed them and put a new layer of compost.

How is breeding worms

Earthworms can begin to breed at the age of 2-3 months.For 4 months they lay cocoons.They ripen for several weeks.From one of the cocoon out no more than 20 individuals, who after 2 months already are beginning to multiply.The only exception is the worm prospector, breeding is - a more complicated process.If you count, then after about six months, the number of pupils in one box will increase 50 times.Remember, if a liter of soil already accounts for 50 adults, the urgent need to either implement them or seat on the new nursery.Otherwise, they will stop breeding naturally.

How to profit

every 5 months to sort worms.To do this, carefully remove the top layer of the soil and out of the nursery soil, home to your pets.Then you can remove the layer of humus.Small worms sent back to the nursery, and adults - either on the further expansion of your company, or to sell.

of goods sold can be in the form of a bait for fishing in a pet store as feed.Such goods demand fish farms.Selling can not only invertebrates and worm tea, and humus.Recent products in demand by gardeners.

To assemble the worm tea, you have to make a special hole in the bottom and nursery stock.This product is very valuable as a clean and natural fertilizer.As you can see, opportunities to earn a lot of breeding worms.The main thing - to know the right approach.