How to download fashion "Maynkraft" and how to install them?

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If you play "Maynkraft", then you know that this project gives gamers tremendous freedom of action, gives him an incredible amount of features that can be used in many different ways.In general, you can do the impossible in this game - make a modification of the process even more exciting and impressive.The fact that they can add to your world as the magic and wonders of technological progress, as new locations and unique monsters.In general, you definitely need to know how to download fashion "Maynkraft" and how to install them.Naturally, no one is forcing you to use them, but if you have a desire to add to his game some original features, then you will know exactly how to do it.

Download modification

First and foremost, of course, you need to learn how to download fashion "Maynkraft" because without this step, you will not.That is, you first need to make sure that your computer has been modified a file, with which you will continue to work.To do this you need to find a site on which there are different modes available for download - they can be applied as the detailed descriptions and screenshots that show exactly what you expect from a particular fashion.And when you're ready, it's exactly what you need, you just download a modification to your computer in the folder from which you will then be easier to work with.That's it, now you know how to download fashion "Maynkraft" - as you can see, it's pretty simple and straightforward process.Further their installation is much more serious matter.

file for fashion

So, if your computer already has the necessary modification files, then you need to continue their education.The fact that it is very important to know how to download fashion "Maynkraft," but it's not all what you have to learn.Now you need to go directly to the installation process itself, and for this we must first find where the file that is responsible for fashion.It's not as difficult as you might think - this file is called Minecraft.jar, so you can easily find it by searching.After that, you will need to use the archiver.Despite the fact that the file extension .jar, it is an archive, so you will need to unzip it to continue working with him.As you can see, download fashion "Maynkraft 1.5.2" - is only the most simple and uncomplicated part of all large and complex process.

delete unnecessary file

Now that the file is decompressed, and you are able to download fashion "Maynkraft 1.7.2", as well as other versions, you need to somehow combine the two parts of the process.But first you need to remove the obstacle that may hinder you to do it.In the folder that appears as a result of unpacking the archive, you can find the file META-INF, which is a huge percentage of probability prevent you install the modification.More precisely, it will be able to establish you, but will not start, so the first thing you need to delete this file.Only when this is done, you can proceed to the final part of learning how to download and install their fashion.

Installation fashion

So, all the preparations are finished - you already know how to download fashion, how to detect and extract the desired file, how to prepare it for installation modifications.And now you had only one small step.Now that you have unpacked the file Minecraft.jar, as well as the modification of a file folder, you need to copy the contents of this folder and paste it into the decompressed file, replacing any files that will be offered.If you wish, you can make a backup of the file before it Minecraft.jar, in the event of a failure, you can restore everything to its original form, without suffering serious losses.If all goes well, then you just have to re-archive Minecraft.jar, then quietly run the game.If all went smoothly and successfully, the mode will be active when you turn on the "Maynkraft" and you will be able to enjoy the opportunities that it gives you.

"Maynkraft Forge"

However, it should be noted that some modifications are set not by hand, but with the help of a special program "Maynkraft Forge."This software, which opens up the world for gamers modifications - with it you can not only set the fashion, but also to create them yourself.Actually it's pretty simple process - just very, very laborious and time-consuming.So you can decide for yourself whether you want to spend your time creating modifications - or is it better to play in something that has already been created by someone for you.

Installation fashion through "Maynkraft Forge"

As already mentioned, the program allows you to set the fashion in semi-automatic mode.Naturally, we are talking about the modifications that have been written on this software.If you have such a modification, you do not need to mess with the file Minecraft.jar and all that this implies.You need only look for the folder mods, which appears with the installation of the program, and throw to the modification that you want to try out.When the game starts "Maynkraft Forge" independently verify the existence of the folder mods.He set the ones that have not yet been established.That's it - now you will be able to play an enhanced version of "Maynkrafta."At the same time you have spent on the installation of mod just a couple of minutes.This is a very convenient way, so it is recommended in the first place.