How do things in "Avatar."

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How long fans of the series "The Sims" dreaming about making their favorite game added a multiplayer mode.However, the yield is the fourth part of the game, and the multiplayer is still not implemented, that makes me think that the fans are unlikely to ever be able to play together.However, you should not get hung up only on this game - it is better to look for analogues such as "Avatar", for example.This game is, naturally, quite different from those "Sims," ​​but has approximately the same principle.You create your own character, and that win back - you need to take care of their appearance, buying a property, transportation, clothing, jewelry and so on.The game has no particular purpose - you just live your character, chat with other characters, make friends with them or enmity, make new friends and complete quests to gain experience and money.In this article you will learn how to change things in "Avatar," since many gamers with this process, there are difficulties.

Quest "Let's change"

the first time with the problem of how to change things in "Avatar," you will meet when you need to perform one task.It is quite clear name - "Let Me", and to complete it successfully, you need to exchange your item at any other with any character in the game.However, this is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.You can not just take, go to any hero, and to share with him - otherwise there would be no need for this article.Accordingly, you need to look more closely at the instructions to know how to change things in "Avatar."

exchange with friends

If you want to learn how to change things in "Avatar", then you will need to make several consecutive steps to achieve this goal.First you need to understand that the exchange of things can not occur between strangers, so if you try to share with random passers-by, nothing happens.You will not even be offered a similar option.Thus, you need to meet someone.Make it pretty simple - you can simply add any of the games as a friend, and if you would reciprocate, then you will have a new friend.Unfortunately, after this exchange option, things still did not appear.Do not worry, you did everything right - as has been said, the process is not done in one step, so you need to be patient.But still - how to share things in the game, "Avatar," if this feature is not available, even for friends?

best friends

As you know, this article does not reveal to you all the secrets Ira "Avatar", but it will help you step by step to reach your cherished goal - sharing things with other players.So, you know, that friends still can not share things with each other.For many it may come as a surprise, and they can quit the job.It is not necessary to do so, because the ability to share things in this game can be very useful, so you'd better learn how to immediately do it, so you do not regret that you missed out on some excellent opportunity.The trick is that things share the game can only best friends, but it is something more than just friends.And to achieve this status, a little more complicated than just click a button and wait for reciprocity.Of course, you can learn how to buy clothes in the "Avatar" and deal only with shopping, but it is much better to consider all the possibilities available to you in the game.

How to become best friends?

In the future you will know what expensive things can be changed in "Avatar," but first you need to deal with how to access the functions of exchange.As you know, it needs to become the best of friends, but how to crank out this operation?Actually it's pretty simple - you just need to know some of the list of actions that increase the scale of the relationship between your character and your friend.These actions include hugging, kissing, sharing a pastime in a café or elsewhere.Every action of the scale of the friendship between your characters is filled and when it becomes full, you will become the best of friends.This will take you to a series of new actions that you can perform with each other - including the exchange of things."Avatar" - a game in which you can almost everything, just need to know how to do it.

exchange process

But so far you have learned only how to open access to sharing features, but still need to learn how to direct the process itself.After all, you do not know how to transfer things to another player in the game "Avatar", and then take it from other things in exchange.In fact, this is small, since the exchange is carried out very quickly and easily.You only need to click on that character with which you want to make the exchange, and then a menu appears with all the actions that you can perform with it.If you are the best of friends, among these actions will exchange items.Choose this item, and you get into the trade window where you can drag and drop from your inventory into the window thing that you want to send.Then you need only confirm the action and wait for your friend to do the same on their part.Immediately after this procedure is complete, and you will be a new thing that you have received in exchange for the object that was passed to his friend.That's the whole simple process that will take you a couple of seconds.As you can see, all the conditions to access this feature takes longer and requires more effort than the process of exchange.

Quest Reward

You probably already taken a great interest the study of the exchange of things in this game and were able to forget where all this started.But initially this whole process has been started due to the fact that you were asked to do the job, "Let's change."Then you did not know how to deal with it, but now you have enough knowledge on the subject.Accordingly, if you take this job, you can run it without problems.But what do you get as a reward?You will be given fifty experience points and 850 silver coins, which you can then spend in the game.Of course, the prize is not so great, but the main your reward in this case, is the knowledge that you have acquired in the future be able to use.

exchange things in the future

As you know, the process you need is not only for the job, "Let's change."In fact, this is just an excuse to push you to this ability.Quest reward is not so great, so in reality the most valuable and useful is waiting for you ahead.Now you know how to change things, you need to do, and with whom you will be able to exchange.So you can continue to make a lot of good bargains, as well as help their budding friends or get support from experienced and wealthy friends.That's what I do with the exchange - with her you get the opportunity to receive and give things without buying and selling them, and passing them on to those who need them most.Of course, you can choose whether you want to use this function or not.However, the information and knowledge that you have received today, in any case, will be useful to you, even if you use them rarely.

errors in the exchange

Unfortunately, many gamers have noted that in the exchange of things sometimes there are mistakes.Objects can simply share or do not appear in the inventory when the window is opened for exchange.In this case, it is recommended to close the game and clear the cache, and then restart the browser and log back into the game.If the problem persists after that, then you should contact the technical support so that you can describe in detail what you need to do to fix the situation.Or they're all correct, if the problem arises precisely from the game and not on your side.