Create your own business - a shoe store from scratch

most popular niche - your own shop, it is in the trading industry swirling big money.Online or offline - is a matter of taste, but if you open your store, it is best to create a website for him.

first necessary to determine the item that you intend to sell.You can, for example, to buy wholesale women's boots, sneakers and shoes.The main thing - to focus on the benefits of shoes.Your shop is required something different from the competition: low price, exclusive shoes, high quality, variety of assortment and so on.


choosing what kind of shoes to sell, you need to build on the popularity of the brand, it is of great importance.People are much more loyal to the well-known brands and prefer to choose them rather than an unknown brand.

«Evento and Bludo» - a well-known and well-established brand in the Russian market.This shoe is distinguished by its daring originality and high quality, why and attracts many buyers.

This is a beautiful and comfortable shoes that are not ashamed to recommend to the buyer.The characteristic difference from «Bludo» - a wide nose and block with increased fullness.This shoe is focused on a wide range of buyers.

Stylish and trendy shoes by «Evento and Bludo» sells itself.This product can not be ignored on the counter, as it is different from everything else.Experienced sellers know the value of this product.

wholesale of this brand is the perfect solution for starting a business.You can get a good partner that will drive long-term cooperation.

Where to open a retail outlet

store should be in a public place, which is to be prestigious.You're not going to buy exclusive shoes in the subway or near the bus station.Location plays a huge role, and only opened the shop of shoes, it is important to be noticed.

necessary to prepare in advance sales point: to make cosmetic repairs, install shelves and mirrors, to purchase all the necessary detail to create the right atmosphere, and so on.


Advertising - an important component in the trading business.You must use this tool to 100% in order to achieve results.There are many ways:

  • site.When a person is looking for something specific he first comes to the Internet.It is therefore advantageous when your website is on the first page of a search engine.
  • Advertising on TV and radio.This is a great advertisement for a shoe store, but to start a business, it is too expensive.
  • flyers and business cards.It's cheap, but effective.You can hire a promoter and put it next to the store.Motivate him in many ways: to pay for the number of distributed leaflets, to pay extra for each new customer to them personally, and the like.

There are many options for advertising, the main thing to choose the pocket and efficiency.

business from scratch

necessary to create an elaborate business plan and calculate everything to the penny.The main thing is to shop pays off, so it is better to think in advance all the moves in advance.The most difficult period - the first month.

All factors play an important role in the success of the enterprise: the relevance of the goods, the location of the shop, staff qualifications, advertising moves, the prices of goods.Taking into account all the details and meticulous approach to business, the success was not long in coming.