How to update "Adob Flash Player" in the system?

Recently becoming increasingly important online service for watching movies and listening to music.Many of them are based on technology Flash, which is a well-known creator of Adobe.

Often, users can not update the "Adob Flash Player" in the system, and it is fraught with many troubles.For example, older versions may work adequately.

Note that when using computer resources run out faster.This is especially true laptop battery which "bottomless pit" is not in any way.

But far worse is the fact that older versions - a potential security threat, as "holes" in them willingly use the developers of malicious software.

Since the update "Adob Flash Player" in order to avoid such problems?It is not so difficult.

You must first download the installation package of the version that is relevant at the moment.Installing the program poses no problem.

Inexperienced users might think that each time will have to re-download and install the application, but it is not.To configure automatic updates, you need to do a few simple manipulations.

First, click on the "Start" button, select "Control Panel."In the dialog box, you need to find Flash Player.Click on this link, which will open a new window settings.To update "Adob Flash Player" automatically, open the "Advanced" tab.

In "Change update settings" is done by checking to select "Allow Adobe install updates."All!The program will independently seek new version and install them in the system.

described in our case any additional permissions from the user, it will not ask.This is especially valuable for beginners which any dialog drives into a stupor.

Note that to successfully find and install updates, you must be the normal channel of access to the Internet, because otherwise the process will often terminate.

way, the plug-in "Adobe Flash Player", which is so easy to upgrade, is completely absent in Google Chrome.Instead, it uses a different technology, so users of this browser is no need to fiddle with settings: the browser itself will automatically upload everything you need, so that unnecessary problems you just do not arise.

Once again, we note that Flash technology is far from perfect in terms of safety, but because when surfing on the Internet to be careful.For example, it often happens: you go to some questionable site, and then you offer upgrade "Adob Flash Player."

In no case can not agree to, and install on your computer, the program that you offer.With a high degree of probability we can get WinLocker or trojan program that will successfully "merge" all your confidential information to a third party, transferring there all "passwords, and turnout."

As you can see, "Adob Flash Player" is easy to update, but it must be a certain degree of care.