How to make money without money?

Today everyone can make good money.To do this, you must have free time, desire, and a little patience, because not everything will turn out right the first time.Many people wonder, "How to make money without money?"Agree, it is a natural desire.After all, not everyone wants to invest their money, if any, say in the Internet.It's a risk, and is large enough.Let's look at this issue and consider the basic ways to earn online without attachments.

What everyone should know the novice

all want to earn easy money, but once you need for yourself to understand that this does not happen, and if it happens, it is likely a "scam."If you are a go, then, perhaps, will not lose its own funds, but precious time and nerves for sure spend.Another important point is that you do not earn a lot at once, and have to put up with this.Like everything else in this world, money comes with experience, so first you need to work and work again.There are so-called golden rule: the harder the work, the greater will pay for it.If you have expertise in programming, work with programs such as AutoCAD or "Photoshop", it's just fine.You can do the drawings, restore photos, paint for sale and more.If you are familiar with Russian and other languages, and can consistently express their thoughts, then you will approach such a direction as copywriting, rewriting or translating foreign texts.

All this we will talk with you in this article.Do not forget that you can not make money without doing anything.An exception can only be the presence of its own website, although it is not "free".First you need to create a site and then unwind and then constantly keep up to date content.But now it's not about that.Let's talk about how to make money without money.Better to start with the most simple.

What you need for a successful start?

If you really decide for yourself what will make the network and attach to this maximum efforts, then you need to start somewhere.As a rule, the creation of Webmoney purse or other electronic payment system, for example, QiWi.You can register in several.This is to ensure that the earnings received to your wallet and stored there.You will be able to keep their money in different currencies such as the ruble, hryvnia, US dollars, and so on. N. As a rule, the registration is quite serious and require confirmation of passport data, so Treat the item carefully.Since no money to make money online is possible without any problems, always need web traffic.Unlimited Internet - it's not too expensive, because they obzavedites.

What else you need to say is that there's mailbox.In principle, this condition can be considered optional.However, in some cases, correspondence with the administration or your customer is only available in this way.You can also install Skype.Once you're ready, you can proceed to the practical part.First you need to weed out all the inappropriate options, such as gambling, or rather most of them.This will be discussed later.

How to earn money without investing: viewing sites or clicks

This method certainly heard each.The meaning of earnings for clicks is that you are viewing the site for a certain time, such as 30 seconds or one minute.For this you get money into your account.Basically, a lot of money so unlikely to happen, but to replenish the account and the payment of the Internet - with no problems.The most popular services - a "Seosprint" and "Vmmail."It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that here it is possible to display about 500 rubles a day, but in practice this amount is rather difficult to make.We can not say that there is nothing to do, as these services allow users to read the letter to perform simple tasks, as well as surfing.Sometimes there are different kinds of cash rewards, for example, occupied the top places in competitions and so on. N.

So how to make money without investing a lot of clicks on will not work, the best thing to do involving referrals.The bottom line is that you have to offer a person to register on your link, and then from his earnings you receive a percentage.Of course, having a referral, it is unlikely to make the passive income, but invited 15-20 people, you can receive each day 200-300 rubles, depending on their activity.Agree, it's quite interesting.That is the best to work for such services, because otherwise get serious income will not succeed.And now let's move on to the next method, more profitable, but also more complex.

Copywriter: who he is and what he does

In recent years, more and more people are needed, who could write quality articles.As a rule, it can do a lot, but not everyone is able to gradually increase your level and make each year more and more.Just want to note that in the past month in this way can be obtained as 50-100 dollars, and 300-500, and more.The level of income depends on how and how much you write a day.Of course, first you need to earn the attention of customers, which is difficult to do.You need to know not only how to write without mistakes, and do it beautifully.If you do not know how to make money out of money, then this method will be an excellent start.You do not need to pay anything to anyone.Simply sign up at the exchange copywriting and try to "vytsepit" your first order.It is not so easy, especially the author of a zero-rated.

In the beginning you need to create a portfolio that is to write several works that are able to view a potential customer.It is also desirable to complete the profile, insert a photo and write some information about themselves.All this will increase your visibility and credibility.As regards prices, then, as noted above, they are very different.It may be 2 rubles per thousand characters, but at this price it is not recommended to work, because, in fact, is nothing more than slavery.So on the day you will earn no more than 10-20 thousand rubles for a 5-10 characters.But if you write to 30 rubles per thousand characters, the result has already received 150-300 rubles for the same amount of work, and this will agree, a lot.Of course, the higher the price, the higher the requirements to the text.Before commissioning it must be checked for uniqueness and carefully subtract.If you do not know how to earn more money, become a successful copywriter, and believe me, after a while you will have a good income.

little about how to live freelancers

You probably know that everyone earns as can be.Someone engaged in securities, while others have found themselves in the construction, and others - freelancers.These are people who have some knowledge to help them make money online.It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that not everyone can become a freelancer.Although we can not say that this is the work exclusively for talented people with higher technical education.In principle, there is any useful knowledge.If you are familiar with the graphic editors, applications that allow you to create complex drawings, projects and more, you can easily become a freelancer.Valued and people who know how to develop business plans and projects, as well as those who can perform coursework and diplomas.Simply put, the freelancer - is a versatile man who can take almost any job offered to him on the Internet, whether it be copywriting, rewriting, design or Web design.Of course, there are not signed contracts, and the work is performed remotely, outside the state.Freelancers also called "free artist", as they are free to choose, they can perform.

But we should not think that everything is so simple and easy.The fact that competition has not been canceled.Of course, the freelancer knows how to make money.A lot of money, however, will not immediately receive.The thing is that you come into the labor market as a rookie, so the first time and it will be difficult.But despite all this, a good and talented people without work will not stay.Today, a whole lot of proposals on the creation of sites in different engines.That is what for the most part engaged freelancers.Over time, this way for a month, you can get a decent amount of about 20 to 40 thousand rubles.Therefore, if you are asking yourself how to make more money, go to the freelancers, perhaps this is where you will find success.But remember that it is desirable to have a minimum knowledge of the site building and programming.

It is easy to make money without having your own website

About what profit comes from the resource, we will say a little lower, and now how to get the funds without such.Alternatively, you can use the earnings from referrals.You do not need to invest enough to invite people.This has already been slightly above, but in this case you do not need to work.The only thing that is required of you - is constantly invite new users to the system, and the more there are, the better for you.In fact, fully passive income, and the amount received may be both 1000 and all 10 000 rubles per month.Less of this method is that the Russian people do not like to work for a man who makes them.But despite this, the way it is working and updated.Earnings from referrals is suitable for those who want to create their own site, but does not have the means to do.

In principle, of course, how to make money.A lot of money can be obtained only if you attract a huge number of people on the different services.To begin, you can use the service center of the partner search system "Yandex".The essence of this work lies in the fact that you simply place the referral links.It is not necessary to have their own popular website, as can links to post on the forums, as well as in "Yandex" or "Google".This is one of the easiest ways to earn passive online without initial investments.Let us not lose sight of your own website.This is what we are now and we'll talk.

first money from your site

We can not tell how much you can earn on its own resources.Of course, if you do not have start-up capital, you will be difficult, because the free hosting worse indexed by search engines, however it is quite real.There are many designers who can help you decide how to design, and with the number of pages and the actual creation.You also need to register for free hosting from which you only later can upgrade to a paid.If you list all the ways to make money, then your site - this is the best and most convenient option.Many fear that there must be very, very hard work, the first time you do this for free.But we should not be afraid of this, because the first visitors will come in a month or two, and after a year of your share, if it is a high quality, they know a lot.

pretty important to determine the subject matter.If you have expertise in the field of construction and repair, well, because such a category is very popular.In principle, you can create a site on any topic of interest to you.The qualitative content - is another important component.If you're familiar with the basics of copywriting and rewriting, you can write to your site on their own, if not - then ordered texts on the stock exchanges.In the future you will place contextual, teaser and banner advertisements at that, and will be your income.Of course, to make money online can be quite a lot, but do not forget that all come at once.If you will give due attention to this, you can get 20-30 thousand rubles per share, and have them be, and more.What

suit gambling and not very people

As noted at the beginning of this article, easy money on the internet you will not find.In any case you will have to work hard.The more productive and better you will perform tasks, the more money you can earn.Of course, there will always be among us those who receive income without working and having fun.This is done through a variety of online games.And it can be as browser games or MMORPG."But to make money for free?" - You ask.It's pretty simple, you have to play and spend their precious time.And then to sell their works for real currency.You can play this card game, like a fool, and at the same time earn.Perhaps someone will say that there needed start-up capital, but it is not so.

The fact is that most gaming sites offers visitors a small one-time bonuses.For example, 50 rubles.In principle, this can be enough to start playing.Of course, you have to like it, but without excessive fanaticism, as the process may be delayed, and you stay in the red.To make real money in the game is possible, but you'd be wasting your time.You can set the WOW, WOT and others. Popular MMORPG.Do not forget that here you can meet with unscrupulous people who you nazhaluyutsya administration.It promises to ban the account, because almost all the characters and trade accounts for real money is strictly prohibited and punishable.

few important points

As you can see, there are many places and ways where you can make money.But then do not forget about the high level of competition, due to which most of the newcomers did not have time or do not dare to start.Virtually nothing was said about how not to get into fraudsters.There are a few rules.First, do not settle for too simple, but highly paid job.This is due to the fact that the network has a lot of people who cope with it in a much smaller amount.Secondly, as far as possible, try to work through the stock exchange, since there is arbitration, which in the case of which the judge and point to the culprit of the problem.

All this does not mean that people are not to be trusted.If you work with one person for a long time and very confident in it, you can do the job and not be afraid that you will not pay.Basically, you and only you can decide where and with whom to work, because you will not lose your own money, but killed the time, of course, would be a pity.At present, more and more need freelancers, both beginners and professionals.Now you know how you can earn money, and to choose for themselves that something is a problem, because a lot of directions.

Conclusion This article was a detailed account of the earnings in the network.But there are those who are not satisfied with this option.Pupils and students often ask, "How to make money in the summer, when there is no access to the Internet?" Here, too, it's pretty simple.If you have good health, you can go as a loader in a warehouse or distribution center.For a lazy approach this kind of earnings as ad posting and distribution of flyers.In the summer you can go on holiday and there spread along the beach different food.In principle, there are countless directions.The most important thing - it really want to find a job, and when you find it, you need to work, and only then will you be able to get their own money.

As such beloved passive income, it comes not at once, and it is not always as great as we would like.If you think that people make on site, do not know the difficulties, it is not so.There are some nuances and challenges for every mistake must pay.In principle, there is nothing more to say fundamentally new about where to make money.Try to find yourself in copywriting or work transfer.If you have a technical mind - do the drawings, like writing poetry - write and sell.There is a good camera - make unique pictures and sold them on special runoff resources.Try looking for - and must succeed.