10 practical ways to fill the corners of the bedroom

most difficult task to be faced in the interior - it is filling the space.Everyone is trying to make the most of every centimeter of space and dream of even one additional room, which would definitely help to solve problems.Here are just a move to a big house situation is repeated.And only need proper planning and use of the available space, which is able to turn trash downtrodden accommodation in comfortable and quiet nest.

In an attempt to find an additional area to pay attention to all the forgotten corners of the lonely bedroom.They just languish in loneliness and waiting to dispel.This will require a bit of creativity and well-chosen decor.We offer 10 fully realized ideas that will help transform an ordinary angle in a stylish and functional area.

1. Corner Bed

course, the bed - one of the main elements of the bedroom, it it always remain so.But this does not mean that it necessarily should be placed in the center of the room.Corner bed quickly become a popular trend, as they not only save precious space, but also allows you to fill the empty corners normally.With this remains an open central part of the bedroom, which turns bright and spacious.

2. Double comfort

put the bed in the middle of the angle or, putting it up against the wall, taking care of the double pillow - this is one of the possible ways.And you can put in the corner with two beds, thus saving area of ​​the bedroom.In the children's bedroom, it may be bunk beds, the space between them can also be used for storage, display and lamp collections.

3. Corner fireplace

If you do not want to shoot a bed in the corner, which is the center looks really grand and luxurious, you can place a fireplace, which has given a new source of heat and light.

4. reading corner

wonderful idea, through which the room will be a place for rest and relaxation.Just something and need a soft comfortable chair, nice ottoman, a small side table and reading lamp.Who bedroom area does not, you can do without the tables and lamps, replacing them with a beautiful light.

5. Corner for two

a good option for a young couple or parents who want to spend a Sunday morning together.The angle can be easy to put a coffee table and a couple of chairs or a soft comfortable sofa.It will be easy to have breakfast and enjoy each other's company.

6. Home Office

This alien romance and work is so close that even at home it does not work from the get rid of, you can offer to equip the workplace in a corner of the bedroom.It takes a corner desk and chair.

7. Home Library

As a child, when the hands gets interesting book, I read it at night.That's just the parents were forced to turn off the light and come to the aid of a flashlight.The current generation of children with smartphones, iPhones and aypeda, unfortunately, are not familiar with.But adults have a chance in the bedroom to have more than one book under a blanket, and a whole library.

8. Corner relaxation

soft couch in the corner - another interesting idea, it works great especially if the bedroom is equipped with a corner window.The combination of stunning turns.

9. Good old cabinet

If the bed is close enough to the wall, and the place is still quite a bit, then your best bet is the usual bedside table.With two will create a geometric visual balance.In addition, it is a classic that never goes out of fashion.

10. Green Area

Decoration rooms - is not only the decor and accessories, it is also a nice green plant in a pot.Especially it will look perfectly in the bedrooms are decorated in a tropical style.Then, ways to decorate the room with flowers there are an incredibly large number.

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