Day of Remembrance of the young hero anti-fascist - February 8

Since 1964, throughout the world, the Day of the young anti-fascist hero.It was approved by the International Assembly in honor of those killed in the anti-fascist rally in 1962, guys: fifteen Parisian Daniel Fery and Iraqi fighter against violence in their country Fadyla Jamal, who died from torture in a prison in Baghdad in 1963.

Both boys died Feb. 8 with a difference of one year.And 21 years before that in various countries of the world on this day there have been similar tragedies.In France, they were martyred five brave boys operatives from Paris.In the Soviet Union it was shot participants Krasnodonskaya organization "Young Guard»

These fateful coincidence was the fact that on 8 February was the Day of Remembrance of the young anti-fascist hero.

Memorial Day the young hero-fascist (February 8)

At War Not Another Teen person - everybody knows it.But how much do we know how many times the children were crossed and the war?

in Russia February 8 remember Soviet boys and girls who shoulder to shoulder with the adults came to the defense of the country during the Great Patriotic War.

There were so many of these young heroes, that memory was not able to keep all the names.Known and unknown heroes of the Great War are small, they fought and died thousands at the front and occupation.They shot one of the trench: adult soldiers and yesterday's students.They blew up bridges, columns with Nazi armored vehicles, covered her breasts comrades.

They became fearless members of the underground, making a dangerous diversion and helping to shelter wounded soldiers.They risked their lives every day, and not all managed to survive in the meat grinder of a terrible war.

on land and at sea, and over the clouds ...

Pioneers and Komsomol members, town and village, these boys and girls all over the world praised the heroism and indomitable courage of the Soviet people.Young Patriots crushed the enemy on land, at sea and in the air.

Twelve Boris Kuleshin 1942 fought on the Black Sea Fleet on the destroyer "Tashkent".During air air raids brought a boy to the guns with ammunition clips, and during a lull caring for the wounded.

Arkady Kamanin - the famous "letunok" at age 14, he was appointed pilot 423rd squadron.He fought on the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts on the Kalinin front.Not reaching adulthood, the young soldier was twice awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Order of the Red Banner.

Leonid Golikov, the scout of guerrilla group that operated in the Pskov and Novgorod regions, participated in more than 20 battles, for courage and bravery was awarded many orders and medals.The highest distinction Leon received posthumously, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

little hero large war

impossible to list all of our precocious soldiers of WWII.But at the thought that they have committed in the name of victory in their 12-17 years, engulfing the pride for the country, to educate these "eaglets".

Bitterness burns our hearts the consciousness of how short their lives were as ridiculous to die at age 14, and not having time to grow up.It seems that nowhere in the world's history have been recorded this mass heroism of children and adolescents, both in Soviet Russia during the Great Patriotic War.

Memorial Day the young hero-fascist February 8 the world will stand in the same breath of the heroic dead boys and girls.They lived in different countries, spoke different languages, but made the same feat - fought for the liberation of their land.

to remember ...

order for the new children who do not know the horrors of war, do not forget about the great deeds of their peers in schools widely reported that day.In order to foster patriotism, love and pride for his people, teachers in the day trying to convey to children the truth about bygone events.They strive to provide as much historical information about the days of the great battles and unparalleled courage of young heroes of a major war.

In schools, teachers conduct class hour on the theme "Day of Remembrance of the young hero-anti-fascist", and think through in advance make lesson plan, prepare the necessary material.Children learn about how they lived, fought and died for the freedom and independence of those who went to fight the enemy, and did not finish 5th grade.

Students will learn the names of their peers, who died on the battlefields.Learn about tortured in the occupation of young scouts, guerrillas, who even went to his execution with head held high.

In ospitanie feelings

Such events contribute to the education of the senses in the younger generation who are familiar with the country's history and the events of the last war, and nurture children compassion, sense of justice, responsibility for everything that happens in the world.For example, young children learn the characters that must be able to sacrifice their own interests, and sometimes lives in order to save those who close.

break through indifference and force children to empathize with the young heroes who admire their feat - this is the main task for activities such as Remembrance Day of the young anti-fascist hero.The school library has organized various exhibitions to mark the memorable dates.The library with its atmosphere of silence discipline children, forcing them to listen with interest about the events and turning points in the history of our country.

lessons that need to know by heart

Memorial Day anti-fascist young hero has to be one of the most important and at the same time the saddest days in the history of our country.Good to know her story - which means to prevent future mistakes of the past.

Every person, adult or child, must necessarily know when the Day of Remembrance of the young hero had feared anti-fascist world.We can not forget that date - February 8.It is a salute to the past all the known and unknown heroes of this tragic bell of the dead boys and girls from different countries.

Our memory - a tribute that we have to bring all the children of the "war" to take on a non-children's wear.Those who carried out until the end of their duty to protect the country from the deadly fascist plague.Those who did not surrender, did not give up, do not let go of the gun.This day of remembrance of the heroes and victims of the monstrous crime, whose name - the war.

M uzyka forgotten voices and unforgotten names

We live in a time of peace, absorbed in his petty daily concerns and problems.We have never seriously thought about not tolerate a repeat of the catastrophe 40s.

We think that the world has matured over the decades, and wiser, that the international community will not allow new military upheavals.Although, you never know ... I think people tend to forget history, which is always fraught with repetition.Such a rule from history - is not remembered a lesson by heart, you will repeat it again and again.

Memorial Day the young hero anti-fascist - a constant reminder of all the living that when something happened, and a warning that never again this should not happen again.This is the lesson that we should all know by heart.

died and stepped into immortality of thousands of boys and girls in the name of world peace.The Day of Remembrance of the young hero-fascist boys and girls who gave their lives for the common victory, honor the blessed memory.Somewhere in the infinite heights have long subsided sounds of children's voices, but on the ground were their names.They are quiet music of days gone resound in the hearts of those who remember ...

Remember these names: Alexander Matrosov, Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya Oleg Mishka, Zina Portnov, Marat Kazei, Vladimir Dubinin, Leonid Golikov, Valentin Kotik, Lyubov Shevtsova, Utah Bondarovskaya andMore thousands and thousands of names.And each of them - a reminder and a mandate for all living.