Dream Interpretation : hand (men, women , children) .Hold the hand - that heralds the dream ?Dream interpretation : the child in her arms

Sometimes dreams are those that do not understand whether it is worth to analyze them.The thing is perception.Just some of the things we think are so common that comes to mind to focus attention on them.But the subconscious mind tends to give us a signal, so it is best to look through dream interpretation.The hand is an example of an image that does not catch the imagination.However, its significance in the dream is large enough.Let's face it.

ancient interpretation

What do we dream book says?Hand in a night vision is quite traditional, well-known to many interpretations.Focusing on her in a dream tells about loved ones.This is most likely older relatives tell you.Thus the right hand denotes males left, respectively, of women.It turns out that the picture or the event, which featured a hand, talk about something related to the family.If you see yourself without upper limb, then it faces a loss.And in fact, what the hand was missing, it is possible to judge with any of the relatives have to leave.By the way, is not always such a story foretells death of someone, says the dream book.Hand rather shows the level of intimacy and openness.It talks about the loss of discord, quarrel break.Only occasionally, when you've seen yet and blood, we can say sorrowful event.There is another traditional interpretation, which describes more than one dream book.The hands symbolize our present and future.In the story, with limbs trying to figure out what you should pay attention to what alarms exist or arise in life.This should talk more.

Hands dream talk about the present and future events

Let's start with an example.The thing is that to interpret the views and nuances of the plot, which involve the hands, quite difficult.There are, however, certain rules that are proposed to be guided.They saw the dirt on his hands - expect trouble.Thus says the dream book.Hands in the blood are generally considered a symbol of serious troubles.But this is rather general description.Let us return to the symbols of the time events.His right hand says about the present, left the predicted future because it was believed in ancient times.It is clear that it is necessary to remember exactly which of the palms attracted your attention in a dream.If, for example, the left hand was dirty, mean, bad things ahead.This could be the harm of enemies or our own mistakes, betrayal or blunder.If the dirt in a dream turned out to be the right hand, then the position of your affairs at the moment is unenviable.It is necessary to do an analysis, identify problems and draw up a plan to solve them.Back in the old saying that a well-admired own beautiful hands.It is a sign of prosperity and a steady flow of life.Perhaps this story is the only cause for concern among our ancestors.Rivers child predicted a pleasant surprise.


ladies of all ages often dream rings or bracelets.They, of course, have their own values ​​for thoughtful decryption of night vision.However, it is recommended to supplement their general and interpretations relating decorated hands.Fortunately, this story almost never carries negative information.Beautiful jewels themselves say about the imminent riches, as the dream book.Rings on the hands of women symbolize fans.The more, the more popular is a great dreamer.Proud and perk up is not necessary.Think of such things as a well-deserved award.So, recently above behavior was highly virtuous and decent.Keep it up!Well, when the rings sees a lonely man.It is necessary to prepare for the internal change of position.This man will soon become the center of attention for persons of the opposite sex.Among the fans refuse someone with whom you can link your life!It is bad if your fingers are dirty or broken proved decorations.Arrogance does not allow to build normal relations such dreamer.And for what period of time indicates the vision, look at the hand (usually above).Of course, it is desirable to change the world and appreciate not only themselves but also other people.


This is another frequent controversial subject.On it is certainly worth asking the dream book.Hand contact may be any as sensations.They contain a lot of information.Describes in detail all the place is not enough.But we are not afraid of difficulties!If you yourself initiated the handshake, friends you love and know how.The dream says that there are a number of the same kind and loyal companions.Feel free to count on them!If you are a bad man stretches out his hand, forcing almost to the touch, beware of tricky people.To you in confidence tends wormed schemer and a traitor.Especially should be after such a vision attentive to women, says the dream book.Hand man in night story tells about their personal safety.If it was warm and affectionate, a woman has nothing to watch out for.When the same kind of touch, or the palm turned repulsive, unpleasant, you should carefully look closely to the suitors.One of them artfully prepares a terrible trap for imprudent charmer.An interesting story when you hand shakes famous person.It is a sign of the emergence of a powerful patron who will solve all your problems.If the man himself shrugs in a dream the other hand, wanting to comfort and inspire confidence, a sign of separation or a serious quarrel.Most likely, there will quarrel with those who appeared in your dream.

Especially for the fair sex

Choking dream male hands predict domineering husband damsel-in-law or older women.However, this man, though it will be limited, but love without causing any serious damage to health or self-esteem.In general, it is necessary to listen to him with respect, then the problems are foreseen.Koli lady admiring his hands and was satisfied, nothing spoil her life.I look with envy at the wrong hands, by comparing them with your sign wrong.Possess your soul, jealousy and envy.Agree, this is a heavy burden.Try to sleep after such control emotions, do good deeds, so as not to fall into the network of "black power."Admire male hands girl - a matchmaker, a woman - to the emergence of a passionate gentleman.Beware of such visions is recommended only for married ladies.You know, you have to get up before a choice: debt or pleasure.How do you decide this problem?The story foretells a "storm" in the soul, which will leave the strength and energy, much needed family - warns dream book.

child in her arms for what?

These are the questions, perhaps the most frequently asked.It is necessary to focus on the sex of the child, according to the dream book.The boy in her arms appears in the astral walks before starting a new project.They say that kid is some kind of deal.Once he was in your hands, to know I will have to shoulder the entire responsibility for the course and the result on its own shoulders.That is, get ready for hard work.The girl, as is commonly believed, represents a miracle in reality.If you wore it on his hands, you will be amazed at some event or information.When the child was happy and healthy, life will present a pleasant surprise.The same was said blonde babe.Dark hair and an unhealthy kind of girl - a bad sign.We'll have to go through an unpleasant surprise, related to current affairs, says the dream book.The child in her arms still speaks of the character of the person who remembered this story.This person is responsible and reliable, respected others.We'll have to come to terms with the fact that, in addition to all sorts of nice benefits, such an attitude in society and imposes duties.

Song predicts that people will turn to you for help.Try not to deny anyone a whim or because of laziness.Gaining credibility is difficult, and it runs faster than a deer, you only make one small mistake.Men also gives special tips dream book.The girl at the hands of their promises success in important matters.It would be very nice, because come unexpected, but deserved.Boy on his hands - a sign of the coming of hard work.

bad omen

There are a few stories of which can not be a good way to pull warns dream book.Hold the hand of the leper - unambiguously to a certain trouble.Especially bad when this story aroused disgust dreamer or other negative emotions.Know in your soul has accumulated a lot of evil, which is ready to break out.It is desirable to cope with emotions and turn to the good.Worthless man bites all in a row like a mad dog, warns dream book.Hold the hand of the thief or murderer, trying to prevent the commission of the crime - a sign of serious problems in one area of ​​life.Most often such a plot predicts a clash with the law.Not tushuytes, the truth will be on your side.Sleep comes as a warning and encouragement.Try to follow the voice of conscience, realizing a fair attitude to the events in practice.You are sure to triumph over evil!However, the path to it is long and thorny.In this sense, the dream is not quite good.He predicts a period full of dangers and anxieties.Another very bad hand without notice next to the torso.It is a sign of loss of power and surrender to adverse circumstances.Ahead only person expected losses.Dream book recommends to retire, relax and no fuss.With time and luck you will fall.In the meantime, better engage in health of body and soul, not trying to prove the fate that can overcome it.

kiss hands

lovely lady to see this story - not good.He predicts fans whose interest to the person will be called not its beauty.Mercantile cunning hunters will be surround it, trying to seduce.She should be wary, not to get involved in the external manifestation of the tumultuous feelings.Remember, ladies, that word is not proof of true love.Focus on actions suitors.

When a man kisses the hand that means unfortunately that he will survive the betrayal.Most likely, it would be unworthy of the man who appeared in a dream.If hand man kissing a stranger to fear treachery business partners, whom he trusted to this day.Himself kissing someone's hands - to the humiliation and shame.If a man dreams that he fell Palchikov its interesting woman, he should actively take care of it in real life.The lady had all worn out, waiting for the serious words or actions on his part.Indecision only hurts.Kissing the hand of a charming stranger dreams - to a new friend who will stay with you until the end of days and will present an unprecedented happiness.

bite the hand

Dreams recommends especially attentive to the plots, which involve unpleasant or strange events.These are, of course, it is the bite.Agree, nice in a dream is not enough.Most often, it predicts the appearance of the enemy, in reality.The danger for some time will be your constant companion.If bitten by a dog - an influential person sharpens teeth on dreamer, dream book says.They bite the hand of someone themselves - will have to defend their rights.If a wild animal snatched the wrist, or beware of robbers bullies.There are chances of getting into trouble.However, says the dream of escaping the attack, if you become serious about his behavior on the basis of the common safety rules.In broad daylight you will not attack anybody, but at night it is not necessary dart about in dark corners at least for a while.If you dreamed that you hand bitten by a vampire, try not to spend money.Money is needed to solve a certain problem, the existence of which you have not yet suspect.However, it would be serious, and the funds will be difficult to take.Son warns of the need to moderate the appetite, not to be in a quandary.

loss of upper limb

Sleep also is not particularly favorable.I have to go through a difficult period of the one who saw himself without hands.Dream book predicts loss or serious illness.Or maybe it has to face the law enforcement agencies or other service that lay claim to your time and attention.In any case, be no arms in his sleep - then face restrictions in their own freedom in reality.Of course, this is not a sign of imprisonment.However, serious obstacles would be extremely difficult to avoid.Most often, the dream speaks of a serious illness that bind man to the bed for a long period.Even worse is to see how his hand cut off, and the blood gushing from the stump.It is clear that you will not envy someone who has experienced in the astral-like plot.It is a sign of huge losses.And we will have to part with something (someone) is immensely expensive.Tears do not help.Fate decided that you on the shoulder such a test.Suggest can be only one: Meet it with dignity and courage!If you had a dream that no arms left by someone else, then problems will arise just at this person.It has even reluctant to take part in their decision one way or another.For example, if cut off the head of the brush, he would be fired, and you lay the duties.But neither the rewards nor the promotion itself does not guarantee the plot.If crippled dear man, you have to close deal with its problems.Some time favorite will not stand up for themselves.It happens ... Try not to show irritation, help the person.